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So let’s start.

What’s going on guys so this is all my physique is at, about 182 to 183.

I just finished 6 months of really eating around me for a little bit of full-time muscle growth and strength I am getting pretty am strong.

I got to 130-135 Lakeland table bench and I am really strong actually so I’m excited to get back to my leanness.

When I get there I’m probably at about 8lbs bigger than absolute best condition at my references so I am proud to show you my result.


kinobody shredding program tips on cuts

Tips about this are going to be the first time that I am going to be cutting after a period of lean booking.

And that is the best time to do a cut because you’ve spent months eating higher calories and your metabolism has been up regularly so your body is prone very well to burn fat.

When you have been trying to cut for so long and eventually the fat that has really come to a screeching halt.

And when it comes to complete halt, it becomes very difficult.

So you are putting in all this work and it seems not to produce many gains.

That’s why I always tell people before cutting for too long, do one month higher calories and then continue and break through that sticking point.

This works every single.

So I am really pumped and I didn’t get to my leanness and sharpest condition. Like I said about 182 to 183 at a very lean state.

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If I take that down to 178-177, I am going to look my absolute best/. When people reference the photo of me, they will be like holy s*** u look a crazy couple of years ago in 2015.

I was 169 and the reason I look so good was simply that my body fat was the lowest I ever been.

I get a low body fat my muscles take on a different sheet they get really sculpted.

I’m hoping to create that same effect but about 8 pounds bigger, which will be pretty damn massive.

Or even 10 pounds bigger and I am really excited about this.

The way that my kinobody shredding program pdf free is designed is to maintain as much as possible while cutting.

So as you cut every pound, more muscle will be there and your strength will be maintained completely.


Kinobody For Intermediate

If you are more intermediate, you will actually gain strength and some muscle in the process over time.

In my case, I am not expecting to gain any strength because I have got six months doing both.

My calories are already surplus for weight gain.

That is just a little tip from kinobody shredding program pdf free.

This simple tip will give you some amazing result and you can check the posting on the kinobody Instagram page to get the rest.

There are many good testimonials already for the program.

There are a lot of amazing results from people following the kinobody shredding program pdf free strategy just by doing 3 workouts per week.

A very lifestyle friendly program.

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kinobody shredding program tips the best time to work out

this is actually some tips on the worst time to work out when you are following an intermittent fasting plan like the kinobody where you fast for like four to eight hour every day without eating.

So if you wake up at 8 am so you might eat between 12 to 4 pm.

The worst time to work out might surprise you, this just my experience with myself.

Other people might not have this similar issue and I think this issue happens as you get leaner.

And for me, the worst time to work out when doing intermittent fasting is actually early in the morning.

The earlier I work out, for example, today I had to do a karate session with my trainer pretty much after I got out of bed.

And as you might have guessed, I was hungry a couple of hours later.

On a normal day, I don’t get hungry at 2 to 3 pm even 5 to 7 pm some days without eating.

I was hungry at 2-3 pm because I burned a lot of calories earlier and it kicks up my appetite.


Why Kinobody Has Less Cardio

The leaner you get, the stronger your appetite regulation will be. When you start to work out more when you are below 12- 15 percent body fat, it drives your appetite up.

That is why the kinobody shredding program does not have a lot of cardio. Cardio becomes more and less effective the leaner you get. It will only make you hungrier.

Women really have this phenomenon where when they burn 500 calories, the will want to eat another 500 calories.


the point is that during intermittent fasting if you want to make it as easy as possible, you can work out later in the day.

My favorite time to work out is either right before my first meal. Let’s say I want to eat at six pm, I might work out at four or five.

Or work out at five then eat by seven pm.

If I ever work out earlier, it just makes it a lot harder for me.

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