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WELCOME TO WOVOKA RANCH Wovoka Ranch is a family inspired place. A "from the ground up" Ranch. Our family knows why you want the best things for your family because we are you. ... more

Our goal is to provide the best pasture-raised meats for you to create meaningful experiences that will last a lifetime.

The pride of our ranch comes from raising chem-free, clean foods, that taste amazing. We are passionate about using the earth to be our greatest ally for animal health. You, your family, and your friends are why we do what we do. The joy that comes from cooking and eating together is unrivaled.

After much research, we chose to raise Scottish Highland and cross them with Black Irish cattle. We call them Colorado Highlands, and we love them! Their timeless attributes create superb beef for you. Producing the greatest taste and nutritional benefit for your family, our beef is known for its primal flavor, satisfying texture, and low-fat. Being raised on a diverse forage diet, with no grains, the health of this beef is unparalleled.

We happily source our pigs from local producers. They enjoy rooting, digging and playing in the grass all day. Our chickens are also raised on pasture their whole life. They both receive a non-TGMO (trans-genetically modified organism) grain supplement in addition to bugs and grass. This combination creates the best tasting and unbelievably healthy meats for you. Meat from any grocery store fails to compare.

For years of not being able to locate high quality and ethically raised meat for ourselves, we know how important it is for you to have that availability. You work hard every day for the best life, so we support you with the best products!

The day to day operation is done as a family. We work hard to give you the best eating experience possible. We process all of the chicken here at the ranch and use a very reliable USDA inspected facility for the beef and pork. This ensures that you get exactly what we raise. You can purchase your meat by the cut online or direct from our ranch store. We will deliver near you at our various delivery sites. Soon you’ll be able to join our Ranch Club to save money and let us do the shopping for you!

We know the struggle of locating excellent products and having them easy to acquire. We set ourselves apart by raising the highest quality of meats while making it easy for you to have them be a part of your daily lifestyle.

Your sincere loyalty and friendship are what keeps us moving forward to create the best products for you.

Our Mission
To connect families over nutrient dense meals, making the kitchen the center of the home.
Primary product category:
Fish and Meat
Delivery Range:
50+ Miles
We sell Natural Beef D & A Farms is a family-owned and operated business. Owner, Dennis Hammond, was born and raised in Southwest Kansas. He has worked as a farmer and rancher ... moreall his life. Much of his experience has been raising cattle on wheat and grass pasture in the heart of feedlot country. After relocating to Colorado in 2001, he has become familiar with the cattle industry on the Western slope purchasing his own cattle for the past 18 years. Dennis is now licensed and bonded as a Cattle Broker and is ready to expand and purchase cattle for others as well.

Our Services:
Cattle Buying - With over 18 years experience, D & A farms would love to buy you high-quality cattle that will perform great whether on pasture or in a feedlot.
Quality Hay - D & A Farms also offers high-quality grass and grass/alfalfa hay. We have large 3’x3’x8’ and small hay bales. Contact for pricing.
Primary product category:
Fish and Meat
Next day
Custom Cut Beef and Pork We aim to provide quality meat. Our animals are only fed the highest quality feed. They are finished right to optimize flavor and tenderness. We are a family ... morebusiness that has been raising beef and pork for three generations.

Important Information
All prices that are listed are deposits, based on approximate minimum hanging weights. The price will be adjusted once we know the actual hanging weight. When the animal is hanging we will contact you to fill out a cut sheet. Then we will contact you again when the animal is ready to pick up, to set up a place and time to deliver the meat. Prices include basic processing.

Animals are finished with high protein alfalfa, mixed grains, minerals, and minimal corn for healthier animals. Which means less, to no antibiotics and no hormones.

All animals are processed through USDA inspected processing houses.
Primary product category:
Fish and Meat
We are a small ranch managed by a family of 6. Every day is an adventure and each day we grow and learn something new...even if a bit twisted!
Primary product category:
Fish and Meat
Leffler Prime Performance is where my passion for Agriculture and Talent in Track and Field have collided! Our Farm and Ranch is 3 Miles West of Americus, Kansas. We were established ... morein 1941 and are 4 generations strong!
I provide Kansas Raised Beef for your Freezer! Quarter, Half, and Whole Beef Quantities available! All Cattle are processed at Allen Meat Processing in Allen, KS just North of Emporia off of HWY 56.


PICK UP in Allen, Kansas at Allen Meat Processing just North of Emporia off of HWY 56.

Please message or call me for pricing and any questions you may have. More than willing to walk anyone through the process whether you purchase from me or not!
Primary product category:
Fish and Meat
We are a first generation beef/cash crop farm located in beautiful Amherst! We sell 1/4, 1/2 & whole beef along with ground beef by the pound package when available!! ... more

We also sell fresh sweet corn in late summer at our roadside stand 😃🌽 Please like our Facebook page to follow updates on beef and sweet corn availability!!

We look forward to working with you!
Primary product category:
Fish and Meat
Welcome to Brothers Butcher Brothers Butcher is a family-owned and operated old-fashioned butcher shop and specialty market. We focus on providing quality products and superior customer ... moreservice.

We feature a wide variety of meats, from Boars Head deli to fresh cut top quality USDA beef, lamb, pork, and poultry. Additionally, we vacuum tumble our marinated meats each day, in order to ensure unparalleled freshness and quality.
Primary product category:
Fish and Meat
Fresh from Alaska From the pure waters of the 49th state, 10th & M Seafoods supplies a rich variety of the finest seafood. King crab, halibut, salmon, more are processed into fresh ... moreor frozen packs for our retail customers, FedEx shipping, and Alaska’s finest restaurants.

About us
Back in 1938 the location that is now 10th & M Seafoods was a mink farm. The freezers held food for the fur-bearing bounty. In 1943 we started renting freezer space for hunters and fisherman in our state. The mink are long gone but we still rent out lockers for wild game and fish storage.

Over the years we’ve developed a worldwide reputation for our custom processing services. Fishermen and fisherwomen bring their fresh catch to us for processing to their specifications and shipment to their home. On request we can delay shipment until the customer is back home. This is a very popular option for visitors from Europe and Japan.

Alaska boasts a coastline longer than the entire South – 48 and from the pristine waters off the coast comes the rich harvest available at 10th & M. We purchase fresh seafood from fishermen around the state. Crab, shrimp, halibut and salmon are processed into fresh or frozen packs for our retail outlet, for wholesale to Alaskan restaurants, and for shipment almost anywhere in the world.
Primary product category:
Fish and Meat
Echo Lake Meats is a diversified specialty service meat market initially established in 1976 and recently remodeled in 2013 to enhance and ensure on-going quality of excellence and ... moresuperior customer service. Our location in Alaska is unique. We are close to the world famous Kenai River, where world class sport salmon fishing is easy access, and the superb big game hunting in our backyard.

Our infrastructure and experienced personnel are established to serve the consumer for both retail and wholesale products, while processing the "catch" of the sport fishing and wild game enthusiasts with the most adequate care.

Our production facility is DEC inspected for meat and poultry, state inspected for fish and dairy, and our production personnel have been HACCP trained to effectively administer the food safety standards.
Primary product category:
Fish and Meat
Maine Lobster Now is a way for people to order live Maine lobsters delivered directly to their home anywhere in the country! We carry only wild caught antibiotic free lobsters. We ... morepractice humane delivery with every lobster from trap to plate! All of our dinners are sent via UPS Next Day Air and include Maine Sea Salt, cooking instructions, bibs, place mats, and brochure! Check it out! We ship exclusively for Black Point Inn in Scarborough, Maine and Lobster Shack at Two Lights in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Visit our website for more information.
Primary product category:
Fish and Meat