3 Good QVC Hosts Fired: From A FAN

You will agree with me that QVC has had many hosts in the past.

Many were fired and many left.

If you are like me, I was curious to know those that left and those that were fired.


With a little research and what I know myself…

… I bring you the list of QVC hosts fired and those that left.


You read that right? There is something important I want to tell aside sharing the QVC Hosts that were fired or left.

I also want to introduce you to my best QVC Hosts, in person of Rick Domeier. If you think you don’t know him, don’t worry because I’ll tell you everything about him and why he’s my best QVC hosts.

Join me as I dive in.

First Experience with QVC before Being the Host

Get this:

Rick Domeier is just like the regular audience of QVC like you and I…

… so you would expet his first experience to be similar with most people.

You are right.

Rick was living in Los Angeles the first time saw the QVC program. The time when most people then use cable system. Mary Beth Roe was the host at that time. Mary can be so engaging with the viewers that Rick couldn’t help but like the program.

That is interesting.

Do you know what it feels like to be a QVC host?

This is it…

What It Feels Like To Be A QVC Host


Being a QVC host is like the iceberg effect.

The effect where what you see is very little compared to what’s happening behind the scene. What you and I see ad the viewer at home is like the 1/3 of the actual scene. Being a QVC host is like 2-3 hours of live TV.

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I think that is normal…

… and most people know there are many activities going behind what we see on TV.

Just like very job.

There will surely be some good and not so good moments.

But what happens when you as a host get an angry letter from your audience?

Let’s Rick share his experience.

An Angry Letter from The Audience

This was unexpected:

Maybe not for everyone but for Rick. This is how it happens…

On one of his live audience shows, Rick fired a co-worker named John.

If you have been following Rick’s program for a while you might have seen John making a mistake in one way or the other. Most viewers don’t see it because of the laughter and entertainment in the show. And those that do, like me for example, actually like John and don’t see anything bad with him. I even think that is mistakes are part of the plan.

On that faithful…

Rick told the John that he’s fired.

But some people didn’t understand that Rick can’t fire a co-worker.

QVC hosts are there as a worker like every other worker. They don’t have the power to fire another person.

But only few people in the audience knows that.

This is the most interesting part:

A wonderful woman named Gladys wrote Rick a very angry letter that he shouldn’t have fired John.

It doesn’t take long before I started hearing the audience shouting “We love John!!!”.

Now that you know some little things on how it feels to be a host…

… Check out the list of QVC host fired and those that left.

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I am still going to share from my favorites, so join me.

QVC Host Fired

Dave King


Dave was one of the earliest people to become QVC host.

And he is an easy-going man.

Some believed that Dave was fired due to QVC attitudes towards their black staff…

… while some believed that he was getting old and the sales were dropping.

With these speculations going around, Dave King have not said a word on any of it. He was approached by ShopNBC but he preferred a career in Hollywood instead.

He left QVC in 2008.

Jacque Gonzales

Is a Mexica-American that started are career on QVC.

She is also a good writer.

She left QVC in 2017 because she wanted to work on other aspects of life. She spent a total of 15 years as a QVC host.

Dan Wheeler

Please listen:

Dan is another man that I will not forget. Why?

Because he’s an accomplished host.

He earned a lot of money from his hard work and built the kind of life he wanted for himself.

But tragedy strucked…

His wife developed cancer. This is very sad. He managed to continue with the work for some time before he left to start sharing the word of God with people.

That sums up this post on QVC host fired or left. Thanks for reading till the end and God bless you.

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