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We offer a great line of organic products and consumables. We are always looking for more products to better serve you and support your choices of a healthier, natural lifestyle.

The mission of Big Hollow Food Coop is to support local agriculture, provide healthy food options, and empower our community.

Big Hollow Food Co–Op is a little grocery store with a big heart. We’re located in historical downtown Laramie, Wyoming. Big Hollow offers an eclectic variety of specialty foods, international cuisine, beauty supplies, allergy–friendly products, local and organic produce, and a variety of other knickknacks. 

Big Hollow abides by the basic business principles of a cooperative, meaning that the members vote on important issues regarding products, expansion, board members, charitable donations, and more. We like to source locally as much as possible. We like to support the causes that are important to our customers and to our community at large.

We’re so much more than a grocery store!
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