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Farmer's way!

By DoDelivers Blog 5/4/2020

For many years, the farms have created several layers of intermediaries, lengthening the supply chain, which in turn drive prices down for farmers.

The lawmakers and financial experts failed to evolve a system fair to farmers. The middlemen and intermediaries are so strong the attempts failed to yield any good results.

The lack of infrastructure for farmers to store their produce to bargain their prices is main reason.

Now let us jump and talk more about those intermediaries. Who are they? Do farmers really need them? Why farmers can not sell their fresh products directly to their consumers? There is so many questions that needs to be answered.

Middlemen – an intermediary or agent between the producer of goods and the retailer or consumer. Many of these intermediaries provide money in advance to the farmers to cover cultivation costs and recall their loan in the form of produce after the harvesting. They add value, but at the same time they increase the cost of product. Below picture shows three different steps between farm and your table in terms of intermediaries.

In a cooperative model, farmers get at least 70% of the market price of their produce when they sell their produce through middlemen. What will happen if farmers sell their farm produce without the intermediaries?  farmers would get better returns for their products and will not be dependent on intermediaries for their sale. How can anyone reduce middlemen in agricultural markets in such a way that farmers are the ones most profited in this market chain?  A solution is a new technology. Farmers should opt for to get the better market price. they should be able to get the prices at different markets. they should enroll with different startups those can provide a common platform for buyers and sellers and removing the multi layers and reducing it to one.


Do you think it is not achievable? Guess what, now it is possible with a new online marketplace called DoDelivers and it is totally FREE. With this new marketplace farmers can get 100% of the market price of their produce. DoDelivers think that farmers deserved a full return of their investment. Below picture shows how do DoDelivers works. 

DoDelivers offers a quick, easy, and safe way to brows, choose the right service, being able to buy fresh local products, which will be delivered in most efficient and safe way to your doorstep.

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