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Three simple steps between a farm and buyers

By DoDelivers Team 5/1/2020

1. Plant in your backyard and let your neighbors become your consumers.
Growing vegetables at home is a great way to save money. Additionally, by gardening at home you can pay off your bills too. Growing tomatoes and other favorite vegetables or herbs from seeds can save you money. Think about by spending a $3 for seeds on average you can harvest 40 to 50 pounds of tomatoes by following a few tips which include getting the right amount of tomatoes. You will also find that the flavor and texture of garden-grown produce is even better than what you are used to finding at the grocery store. If you are a beginner start small. Think you do not have enough space? You would be amazed how much food you can grow in a small area. Square foot gardens and window box gardens can generate a lot of plants and are well suited to urban environments. Finally, DoDelivers will help you sell your fresh produce to your neighbors or anyone else in your local community.

2. Grow what you love.
What do you or your family like to eat? Your answer will tell you what you should plant in your garden. If the thought of tending your own plot is too daunting, a lot of US farms offer families the opportunity to go on a farm tour and pick their own produce. You can choose from apple orchards and berry farms to farms that offer a wide array of different plants, and produce meat and honey on site, as well. To find a place near you, check out:

3. Go to the
DoDelivers are a great way to connect small family farms with consumers. It is a great online marketplace! DoDelivers offers a quick, easy and safe way to browse, choose the right service, being able to sell your local products at the same time buy local fresh products, which will be delivered in most efficient and safe way to your doorstep.
Start selling or buying go to:

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