7 Simple Adsense Approval Tricks In 2018

As blogger or content publisher, the easiest way to get some rewards from your work is by displaying ads on your property, here are 7 simple Adsense approval tricks in 2018 and beyond.
There are many companies that pay a content publisher for displaying ads, but Google AdSense is the best among such companies.
Which is why everyone wants to get an account from them.
But there is a problem…
It is not so easy to get your AdSense account approved especially if you are living outside the United States.
How will you feel if after you knew how to create good content and how to drive traffic to your blog/site, Google approved your AdSense account and you begin to make money from your blog/site?
Believe me, you will feel good.
That is what I am going to share with you in this post. Legit AdSense approval tricks that work is 2018 and beyond.
It does not matter when you are reading this post, you will always get your account approved because all the tricks here are legit.
In 2019, 2020, or 2021, just do the things explained here and let Google do its job.

Simple Adsense Approval Tricks

Number One
Make sure you have more than 50 articles posted on your blog. Google wants people that are serious and a good way to show that is by having enough content before you apply.
You should know that this might vary especially if you live in the U.S but if outside the U.S, I would advise you to have enough post before you even think of applying.
Come to think of it, except if you write for keywords with close to hundred thousand searches per month, you can’t make a reasonable amount of money with few articles.
You should know that this is for your own interest. Let’s go to the second point.
Number Two
Your blog should be getting around 50 pageviews per day. There are two ways you can achieve that, one, you either write for low competition keywords that your new site will be able to rank for.
Or two, you write in-depth posts for big keywords and get some backlinks to it.
I actually follow the two ways on this blog because the two has different benefits but ultimately leads to the same goal; more traffic.
Low competition keywords are easy to rank for in the search engine with less effort. The work and time involved to write and make the post appear in Google are little but the amount of traffic you will get will be little as well.
So what do you do if you need much traffic?
You target high search volume keywords with little to medium competition. You write good post base on the keyword – I usually aim to write a post that is better than what is currently on the number one spot of Google result.
Then get some backlinks to it. As you can see, that doesn’t seem so easy and it takes time but the result is huge.
My advice for new bloggers and professionals alike is to create time for this two set of keywords. The easy ones will give you motivation while the semi-hard ones will make you the money you deserve.
There is more to that than the scope of this post, but I hope you get the idea.
Continue to the third point.
Number Three
Long content. This will not be a concern for you if you follow the second point because to write a content that is better than what is available for a high search volume keyword usually requires a long content.
Do you know that the average words on a post that is ranking in the first page of Google is above 1800 words? That is not from me, it is from experts in the SEO industry.
Some of your pages need to be on the first page of Google result if you really want some traffic. And a good factor that will increase your chances of getting there is long and informative content.
This does not mean that all your fifty posts should be 2000 words each. Just make sure that more than 10 percent of your posts is around 2000 words.
Before I requested for Google AdSense account for this blog, I had four 4000 words posts and plenty of 1000 words and few 500 words.
And the total number of posts I had then was 53, with average daily views of 55.
(I didn’t do much link-building to the bigger post, I think that is why the traffic is pretty low then.)
Number Four
Post with consistency. If you want to add a post to the site weekly, stick to it. If it is daily or every three days, stick to that.
Daily is better but you don’t need to force yourself if you have a lot of other things to do. You aim should be on how you will be able to post quality posts frequently.
This post is getting longer than I expected, let me quickly explain the other points.
The number five on the adsense approval tricks list is as follows:
Necessary pages. Will you feel confident to use the information you found on a site that does not have About us or Contact us page?
Things like that are too simple but most people still fail to do them. If you don’t know how to write an about us page, here is a tip that works all the time:
Search in Google for the best about us pages and get inspiration from them. My about us page is simple but you might not like. Just a line or two about who I am and what the I will be sharing on the blog, then a bucket of flower picture.
Number Six
Make sure your blog has a neat design. Get inspiration from professional female blogs. That is weird, I know but I think female has a sense of design than male.
I stand to be corrected but that is what found.
Or better still, look at the neatest blog in your niche and copy their design.
Number Seven
Don’t neglect social presence. Make sure your blog has a page on all popular social media site. You will get three benefits from doing so:
You will be able to drive traffic to your blog whenever you post.
All the popular social media sites have high page ranks and getting links from them will surely boost your page rank as well.
And lastly, people will trust your blog if you have a good social presence.
You don’t need to go all out about this. A Twitter account with the name of the blog, a Facebook page, YouTube channel and probably an Instagram page is all you need.
So there you have it 7 simple AdSense approval tricks in 2018 and beyond. I am very certain that you will get your account approved if you follow all the info on this page.


How To Get Google AdSense Approval In 1 Minute

I have seen some people searching for how to get Google AdSense approval in 1 minute. If it were that easy most people will not be working hard to get the approval.
Don’t fall to such tricks because you wouldn’t want an account that Google will later suspend.
Please don’t forget to share this post, thanks.
AdSense Approval Tricks

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