Best IT Jobs

Are you looking for a job in the IT field? If the answer is yes, then know that this is a very smart and versatile choice.

In recent years, the IT career has proved to be promising; with its ever faster growth, these types of professionals are in high demand.

The demand is great, mainly because new programs, strategies, and techniques appear every day, with which only trained people are able to deal with.

And therein lies the problem: it is often difficult to find a qualified workforce to work in certain IT positions.

Therefore, this article is for you who are looking for a long-awaited job in the IT field.

We will show you what work formats you can choose and also what paths to follow to get hired.

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IT Professionals That Are In High Demand

Regardless of crises or other financial problems, technology, in general, continues to be boosted, and this market remains heated.

There are always new skills highlighted in companies and which they seek to find in professionals that those skills

The most sought after professionals in the IT industry today, for example, are those who are able to work with the following activities:


Developers are responsible for solving problems by creating software, systems, and applications, features that undoubtedly take any business to the top.

There is also a great demand for the development of mobile solutions, data science, and also in systems-oriented through the Internet of Things (IoT).

Technical support

We know that those who live in technology do not live without support. Support is a service that needs to be present at all times, and that is why it remains on the rise.

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We know that this IT sector has the main challenge to keep the entire technological environment of companies in perfect working order, eliminating the maximum risks, and solving problems with agility.

Database administrators

Database administrators are also present among professionals who mostly gain employment in the IT area.

It is no surprise that companies are currently claiming to have plans to hire more of these professionals in the coming months in view of a large amount of information analyzed by companies over the course of their growth.

An important point to reinforce is that it is always essential to constantly seek to improve your knowledge for those who work with this function and understand what companies look for in each professional profile.

Types of employment in the IT fieldĀ 

Thinking not only about these professions, but other types of specializations that the IT market has, the IT professional can also choose the type of service that best suits their needs and aspirations.

The forms of work with a strong tendency today are flexible and designed in order to get the best from the professional, without overloading him. Just identify which model suits you best.

Let’s look at the types of jobs in the IT area:

Remote technical support

Remote technical support, which is also known as help desk, is a type of job in the IT area that works with simpler situations in which the IT professional can perform the service remotely, that is, without having to go to the customer.

This is done through sharing software, in which the professional is able to access the affected machine and, in fact, evaluate and resolve simple situations, such as problems with e-mail, printer, slow machine, and the like.

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The remote support is considered a way to solve problems quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively. For this reason, it is a job in the IT area that has the preference of smaller companies and that are starting their operations.

The work routine is based on planning and evaluation, which are converted into metrics to improve service performance.

To work with remote support, it is necessary to have a minimum of knowledge in the area, some professional courses, or training, in addition to constantly looking for certifications that improve knowledge.

Technical field support

The professional responsible for acting in the field is very important. He is the one who should provide all the support that is necessary for users and customers with problems that cannot be solved remotely.

That is, any type of service that needs to be carried out in person is done by a field technician.

Basically, this job in the IT area consists of a routine of answering calls for support regarding failures in the systems and hardware used.

It can also simply provide guidance on how to properly use the software in question. We can summarize the activities of this professional as follows:

  • Updating of systems and software ;
  • Maintenance of users ‘ software and hardware ;
  • Installation of operating systems ;
  • Checking the systems (performance, possible failures, and vulnerabilities);
  • Performing backups of files and important personal data of the user and system operation.

This professional is very important since, with the advancement in the development of customized software, service needs to be directed, and remote assistance is not always enough.

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To get this job in the IT area, the ideal is to have training in areas such as Information Systems and Informatics or, at least, Computer Engineering or Computer Networks.


Freelance work or service provision is a fairly comprehensive type of IT job.

This professional does not work for a company specifically but attending isolated calls, on-demand.

Currently, these professionals can work with programming, technical support, consultancy, website developer, and mobile applications, among other forms of performance.

Freelance work is less bureaucratic, but it requires a lot of discipline and commitment to deal with deadlines and a number of tasks.

To work in this format, the professional needs to have the same technical training as an allocated professional, varying for the activities he intends to perform, of course.

For example, those who want to work with support can invest in a technical course in computer science or systems development.

Best IT Jobs

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