Bully Beatdown Host: The (BEST) Episodes

Who hosted bully beatdown?

Bully Beatdown is hosted by Jason Miller popularly known as Mayhem.

The show is very interesting to watch and it goes like this:

A victim will report a bully to Mayhem. Mayhem and the victim will now confront the bully wherever the person is.

Mayhem will offer the bully a chance of winning $10,000 for fighting a real fighter in the cage.

The bully will always agree.

They will show him training and exchanging trash talks with the real fighter.

Is Bully Beatdown scripted?

Yes, it is scripted and many of the viewers know that, I am included.

And the truth is:

Most viewers don’t even care if it is scripted or not because the show is full of fun and laughter.

Jason “Mayhem” Miller can be so funny when talking about the bully.

Or while the fight is going on.

How many seasons of bully beatdown are there?

3 wonderful seasons. Hosted by Mayhem, the bully beatdown host.

If you think that you’ve missed a lot, yes you have missed. However, …

The show is getting better and better every season so just make sure you don’t miss any episode again.

Bully beatdown host, Mayhem is really doing a great job.

I’ll like to share with you the 3 episodes that I find to be the funniest ones.

Let’s get started

Bully Beatdown Top 3 Funniest Episodes

The name of the bully in this episode is Eriq.

This is what the real fighter has to say after watching the bully train.

Fighter Says:

Eriq, I’ll like to say you are stupid.

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You are the dumbest guy on this planet.

I’m going to knock you out. 10 out of 10 times, I’ll knock you out.

And the truth is that Eriq can hardly kick the punching bag and he looks heavy.

However, he’s got some words to say.

Bully Says:

I’m not going to tap out. Punks tap out, I’m not a punk, I’m a bully.

I will go into the ring and knock him out.

He will be lucky if he gets one punch on me.

And I’ll flash the 10 gees in his face and then walk away.

What happened during the fight?

He lost all his money on the first round and on the second round he quit after receiving several punch on his body and face.

God saved him by giving him a head guide before the fight.

Cos if not, he would have been in heaven by now.

Here’s what the victim has to say.

The victim is a lady and what she did after receiving the money is even more funny that the fighters.

She collected the money and started shaking her ass saying to the bully:

what you got to say about that?!!!

The name of the bully here is Nathan

Just like I have said above. The talks on the show is what makes it so interesting.

Here’s what Nathan has got to say:

Preparing for this fight is all natural for me because I’m a beast by nature. (he’s right here because he’s tall and fat hahahahah).

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So I’m just going to rock in there then do what I want to do and get out.

I am not going to do too much training, just a little jug here and there.

Guarantee to go home with a body bag if you step into the ring with me.

And when I’m done with you, I will come after your little boy, the bully beatdown host also and I serve him too.

Because I’m way too big and way too strong.

Ima shut the TV show down. You already know this.

First Round

He hardly has a successful attempt in bringing the fighter to the ground. He lost all his money in that round.

Second Round.

I think he was tired here because he couldn’t raise his leg to kick.

He was KOed out of the cage like a baby.

This One Is Emil On The Bully Beatdown Host

If you watch this, you would want to give this chicken-shit your middle finger.

He’s got fat tits hahahahahhaha.

This what fat-tits-chicken-shit Emil has got to say:

I’m the big deal, I’ve always been the big deal. Everything that I want, I take it.

Even as a little kid I’m still the big deal.

I take everything that I want cos it’s mine. That’s how I do things and that is how I am made to do things.

I want it, ima take it.

When I train, I train like a man.

No gym membership here, there is enough tires. I take 70 pounds tires and I throw them.

It takes more power to punch a tire that punching those little red bags.

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This what happened on the cage.

First Round

Believe me, this guy couldn’t raise a punch and his face turned red after the first minute.

He was thrown all around the cage like a towel.

Second Round

This is the funniest.

After looking at the fighter’s face for some time. Emil the chicken-shit starts to make a sign that he’s no more fighting.

When the referee asked if he wanna stop I think he said, “I PEED MY PANTS, I NEED TOILET”

Then Emil starts to bow to the fighter saying I’m done and ran.


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