Cheaters Host Gets Stabbed (THE TRUTH)

Cheaters host gets stabbed has been a popular discussion among the fans of the show. The name of the host is Joey Greco. However, Joey wasn’t stabbed, the whole scene was scripted. I know that this is contrary to what the show tells its viewers every week, but it’s the truth.

Joey was taking by an ambulance to the hospital in that episode where he was stabbed. A hotel receptionist who was cheating with another lady’s boyfriend in that episode confirmed that the host of the show rented the ambulance.

She does not know the other actors except on the day they shot the episode. She confirmed that the whole thing was scripted and that she received money for participating in the shooting.

You will notice that most of the people indulging in infidelity on the show usually perfume the act close by a big window, if you are a regular fan of the show.

But here’s the thing.

Most of the fans of this show still like it. Scripted or not we still like it. Although Joey Greco is no more the host on the show nevertheless, I personally still get some teachings out of each episode.

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Brief Catch On What Happens in Each Episode

A lover or spouse suspecting his/her partner will report to Cheaters. Cheaters has private detectives that track the suspected person. And they always come up with the scene where the real cheaters are either kissing or having some sort of foreplay.

On another scene this people will be exposed, the person that reported the other partner will be there too. Then the host of the show will address the people cheating and explain to them why infidelity is bad, lecturing them of some sort.

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A drama usually happens among these people. Fight always brake out but there are security officials among the crew that shoots the show, so they usually maintain order.

However, the episode where Cheaters host gets stabbed was a day to forget for the viewers at home. I think it happened so fast. The whole thing is scripted anyways.

I just like some of the teachings I derive from the show; don’t ever cheat on your partner, even if you think they deserve it. You are smarter than you think and cheating will make you a dumb ass because there are several ways to amend a relationship instead of cheating.

Easy Tips To Prevent Your Partner From Cheating

I’d like to give you some tips that will make a relationship last long before I round up this Cheaters host gets stabbed post. They work but you may think some of them are dumb, this is what I’ll tell you though, TRY THEM AND SEE FOR YOURSELF.

Be Reliable

Try to have your partner’s back all the time and let them know it. Conscience still resides in people. No matter how bad they are if you are reliable and made them know it with your actions, it will be hard for them to do anything that will break the relationship.

And when the chance to tell them to do the same arises, tell them. Most people will definitely listen to you after seeing your actions and attitudes.

The kid in most of us is still there. Kids learn by example, likewise most adults; just add little explanation when the time arises.

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Be influence-able

Let your partner influence you. Seek his/her opinion when taking an action; especially the actions that involves the two of you. Don’t be a one-man team. When your partner feels that they have a say, it makes them feel good.

This are the two things that have worked for me and I see many professionals explain it to people too.

That ends my thought on Cheaters host gets stabbed.

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