Cheaters Host Stabbed: (THE TRUTH) Exposed

Cheaters host stabbed? There have been many interesting TV shows in the past few decades but cheaters is a bit different. Many viewers of this show wants to know the details about a particular episode where the host at that time was stabbed. It is a good thing and…

Yes, the host was stabbed. His name is Joey Greco. Many people claimed that the show is not real and that the whole thing is fabricated although the scene appear to be real, so what actually happened?

On this page, you are going to find the answers to all the questions you might have about the show.

Questions like: is cheaters fabricated? What really happened when Joey Greco was stabbed, and many more.

A show of this kind should be completely real in every sense of it.

But is it?

Different people appear on the show every week and some of these people mentioned that the creators of the show are not telling the public the truth.

Without any further ado, let’s get started.

What Exactly Is Cheaters


Millions of people view this TV show every week. And they see stories that explain the consequences of infidelity.

A suspicious girlfriend, boyfriend or spouse will report to the show when they suspect their partner is cheating.

The show has its own detectors that track the suspected cheaters for some time.

The host of the show will intervene when the detectors catch the cheaters. This intervention can be dramatic at times but the host usually begin by explaining to the cheaters that what they are doing is bad and things like that.

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The show has been airing for ten years before the dramatic one where the host then, Joey Greco, was stabbed.

Viewers will see a message that claims that the story is true and it is filmed life. This happen before the start of each week episode.

Below is a full episode of the show. It gives you an idea of how the show is televised.

The Episode Where the Host Was Stabbed.

Here is it:

The episode where Joey Greco was stabbed by a cheating man is arguably the best one.

A receptionist in a hotel in Dallas said she received 350 dollars for participating in the show. She played the role of the woman having affair with the cheater.

The organizers of the show told her that the scene will occur on a lake in Dallas where she will be on a boat enjoying the sun and the cheating man will be fishing, and another boat containing the show’s host and his crew will catch up with them.

It happened exactly like that.

Joey Greco went on to explain the consequences of cheating to them as usual. However, this one was little different, the host was stabbed in the stomach by the supposed boyfriend.

Paramedics attend to Joey Greco after he was rushed to the shore and the police took away the cheating boyfriend.

This amazing part is that the police department in that area said such thing never happened.

The supposed girl later said the blood gushing out of the host was fake, and the paramedics and their ambulance was rented.

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She is 100 percent sure that the host was not harmed. The cheaters host stabbed is all scripted.

Next is the interview with the show’s executive producer.

Is Cheaters Fabricated?

In an interview with the executive producer:

The producer claimed that every bit of each episode is real.

The whole thing wasn’t faked, he claimed. Even after letting him know that two people that were involved in the scene said the whole was fake.

He’s also surprised to hear that, that it was represented to him that the incident actually happened.

On another note:

Another lady from a different episode said she received 500 dollars to appear in one the show’s episodes.

She acted as the cheating wife and her acting husband caught them.

This lady never met either of the guys except on the day they shot the episode.

She said the whole thing was fabricated.

The people caught on program never hide anything they are doing. And they always show that they are having affair all the time even in public places.

The couple traced by cheaters detectors always appear to be having fun in the front of a window.

Another claimed that he was paid to appear in the show and the episode was shot in the house of one of the producers.

In Recap:

Cheaters host stabbed isn’t real. The whole thing is just to entertain the viewers.

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Cheaters host stabbed

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