Computer Maintenance: HOW TO

Computer Maintenance is the act of keeping your computer in good state at all times.

You don’t have to wait for the computer to develop a fault before you take care of it.

A good maintenance practice will make your computer run effectively.

Maintenance can be broken down into two parts.

  1. Preventive maintenance.

This is kind of computer maintenance that is carried out before the you find any fault with the computer.

This maintenance measure is use to prevent the computer from getting faulty.

The other part of maintenance on the other hand:

  1. Corrective maintenance

This is actually the computer maintenance that you do when your computer is faulty.

You can also refer to this kind of maintenance as computer repair.


Why You Need Preventive Computer Maintenance

First and foremost, you will be able to remove debris or program that might slow up the computer.

In most cases, the computer don’t just develop fault suddenly.

When you perform preventive maintenance, you will notice any potential problem.

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Always ensure that you use UPS with your computer system

Be careful when trying to remove any small particle that fall on your mouse.

There are steps involved when trying to remove such particles.

First spray pressurized air on the keyboard, then remove the particles using a vacuum cleaner.

It is as simple as that.

Dust is not good for your computer system.

It can cover the cooling fan and other cooling devices in the computer.

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You get rid of dust from your computer using a vacuum cleaner.

It is good remove dust from your computer but…

When you use vacuum cleaner on your computer always, it can generate static electricity which is not good for the computer components.

Heat can easily move out of laptops because of the way laptops are made.

You can improve this cooling system by getting a cooling pad for your laptop.



Just like how the hardware require regular maintenance, the software also do.

Clean the registry and other important areas regularly to keep the computer up and running at all times.

The windows defragment tool and registry cleaner will help.

The computer is not 100% reliable so:

Always endeavour that you backup your important files so as to prevent file loss.


Computer system is like our body:

When you maintain it properly, you will see the best of it.

If you don’t do proper clean up on the hard disk, it will be cluttered.

When you don’t renew your software subscription as at when due, it will not work the way it should.

And finally, backup your important files so as not to lose them.

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