56 Computer Tricks (AMAZING SECRETS & HACKS)

Technology has advanced within the years so as computer tricks.
This has led to increase in the usage of computers.
If you are like most users, you have been using the computer for many years and it is possible that there still some amazing things you don’t know.
Luckily for you you’ve stumbled on guide that will give some cool computer tricks that will not only make you more productive and look more professional at the face of your colleagues and friends but help you to secure your files and computer as well.
The benefit of computer tricks is to make the use of a computer easier and fun.
So, let get started on this beautiful list.


Problem Step Recorder (PSR) Trick

This is a very handy trick for troubleshooting.
PSR will help you to record your mouse click and take a screenshot of the section you click on.
If you are having some issues with your computer use PSR to capture the screen and send it to an expert to guide you on what to do.
The best way to get the feel of this trick is to try it.
Bring out the run box using Windows Key + R
Type in PSR then hit enter.
Click on start record. Whenever you click the program will record it capture the screen and give some explanations of what happened it that area.
When you are through, save and from there you can send it as a zip file.
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Simple Trick to Increase the Startup Speed of Your Computer

In most cases, the programs running at startup are the ones that usually increase the load time of a PC.
You just have to disable some of the programs.
There a many ways of doing this but the simplest way that will work on all Windows is msconfig.
Click start or Search> type msconfig > go to startup bar >
Use the check box to disable/enable any program you want.

 Using Cloud Backup

It is a good practice to back up your important files.
Apart from you using local backup, using cloud backup can help you a lot and can also save you a lot of stress.
One good reason why I like cloud backups is that the backup will be going underground even without you noticing it at times.
There many sites offering this service. Two of the popular ones are Dropbox and Google Drive.

Computer Trick to Rotate Your Screen.

 This trick usually freaks people out.
It is an amazing trick that I like doing.
You can use it to turn your screen upside down.
Hold Ctrl + Alt + the arrow keys
Use it to freak you friends out.

How to Lock Your Computer Without Moving Your Mouse in Seconds?

Use the Windows Key plus L key.
This is useful when you don’t want someone to see what you are doing and the person suddenly enters the room.
Just use the trick and voila your screen is locked.
Please don’t use your computer for bad things there are a lot of good ways of using it.
More on that later.
Mac users can use this trick by holding Command + Option + Power.
You can replace Power with Eject if you like.

How to Rename a File Quickly?

Most people rename a file by right clicking and selecting rename.
That is a bit slow.
Just select the file and press F2.

How to Rename multiple files at a time.

If you have many files you want to rename you don’t need to select the files one after the other.
Just highlight all the files and rename the first on the list.
All the files will have the same name with different numbers at the end of the name.

How To Minimize All Programs

Do you have a lot of programs running and you want to minimize all go to the desktop but you don’t want to be clicking around minimizing all of them one after the other?
It can be a pain in the ass if the programs are many, I know that.
Use Windows Key + D to minimize all the whole programs at once.
You can also use Windows Key + M but the difference is that Windows D maximize the programs again if you press it twice.
Windows M will only minimize all the programs but cannot maximize them back.

How to Make Your Computer Speak.

How can I make my computer speak?
Have you ever asked yourself that question?
What an awesome trick this is.
Doing this computer trick is fun.
You don’t believe it right?
Let me tell you something, everything on this site is real and is not meant to deceive you.
This trick is very possible and you are at the right place.
We will be making use of a script to make our windows computer speak whatever we want.
Don’t be afraid, this script is simple and safe.
The first thing you will do is to open Notepad because this is what we will use to create the script.
Put the following text in it
Dim Message, Speak
Message=InputBox(“Enter text”,”Speak”)
Set Speak=CreateObject(“sapi.spvoice”)
Speak.Speak Message
You are going to save the notepad document as something.vbs. Something, in this case, can be anything like speak, talk, just anything you want to call or remember the script.
To do this, click on File>> Save As.
In file name put anything you can use to remember the script as I have written above just make sure it ends with .vbs.
In the Save as type, select All files then save and you are done.
Locate where you save the script and open it.
Type in anything you want it to speak including names and click OK.
And voila, listen to your computer speaking.
You did it. Simple.
You can use this for fun, educational and many other things depending on your imagination.
Think and make positive use of this trick.
Computer Tricks

Make Your Keyboard Display Disco Lights

You know the lights that appear on your keyboard whenever you press any of the lock keys, you can be more creative with these light using this trick.
What you will learn here is how to create a script using notepad that will make these lights flash in a fine way just like the disco lights.
First of all, open notepad then paste the codes below and save the file as anything.vbs
Replace anything with a word you will want to call the script but make sure that it ends with .vbs
Set wshShell =wscript.CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”)
wscript.sleep 100
wshshell.sendkeys “{CAPSLOCK}”
wshshell.sendkeys “{NUMLOCK}”
wshshell.sendkeys “{SCROLLLOCK}”
locate where you saved the script and double click on it to activate the disco light on your keyboard.
You can end or disable this light using the task manager, click on processes and find wscript.exe, click on it and hit end task.

How to Turn Your Keyboard into Mouse?

Do you have a faulty mouse or you can’t find your mouse?
Don’t be worried, we all get into this kind of scenario at times.
With this trick, you can make your keyboard perform all the functions of your mouse including the movement of the pointer.
Before I explain that, do you know that your mouse can also perform the function of your keyboard?
Click the start button and search On Screen Keyboard
You will see a keyboard on your screen which you can use with your mouse.
Back to how you can make your keyboard perform the function of your mouse.
The simplest way to do this is using this shortcut Alt+Shift+NumLock
Shortcuts are very fast and simple but if you want to know the nitty gritty of this trick follow the steps below.
Open control panel make sure it is view by category then follow the steps below.
Ease of Access >> Ease of Access Center >> Make the mouse easier to use >> enable Turn on Mouse Keys
Click on Setup Mouse Keys to increase the pointer speed and acceleration.
If you are using Windows xp, follow these steps after open the control panel window.
Switch to Classic view >> Accessibility Options >> Mouse Tab >> MouseKeys >>
Then press the NumLock key and you are done.
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How to Disable USB Ports On Your Computer

It is possible to disable the USB ports on your computer.
This will make your computer more secure.
It can prevent unnecessary access to your files and protect your computer from malware that can come from USB connection.
Please note that if you are using a keyboard or mouse that is connected to your computer through USB you should not try this trick because your keyboard or mouse will be disconnected.
If you are ready, open up the Run box by holding Windows key plus R key.
Type Regedit in the box.
Go to USBSTOR by following the step below.
look at the right-hand side and double-click Start.
A box will open, in the value data box, replace 3 with 4 and click ok.
You will notice that all USB ports on your computer are disabled.
To enable the USB ports back, put 3 in place of 4 in the value data box.

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How to Run a Program on an Infected System?

Do you have a software that you want to install on and a malware is preventing you from doing so?
Just change the name or the program or the extension from .exe to .com.
This has been proven to work in many cases.

How to Adjust Your Current Window?

Do you know that it is possible to adjust your current window to any part of the screen without using your mouse?
This simple trick is very handy when you view want to multiple windows at the same time.
Use the Windows key + any of the arrow keys to move your window to your desired part of the screen.
Note that the down arrow key will minimize the window while the up arrow key will maximize it.

How to Take an Image of Your Screen? (Screenshot What Is Displayed)

Click start and type snipping tool.
There you have it.
Click New and drag the cursor to where you want to capture.
This simple trick is very useful for everyone.
May an error sign is displayed on your computer and you don’t know what to about it.
You can just screenshot your screen and send it to the IT guys.
This is just one of the ways you can make use of this trick.
This trick is also available for Mac users using Command+Shit+4

The Unknown Way to Copy File

There are several ways you can copy a file.
This trick will save you the work of right clicking all the time.
Just hold the control key select the file and drag it to where you want it pasted.
For Mac users used the Alt key to replace the control key.

How To Shutdown Your Computer Using Command Prompt.

Almost every computer user can shut down a computer from the start button or press and hold the power button.
Well, that’s good but if you want to be cool about this learn how to use the CMD interface to shutdown your computer.
Open the CMD interface by pressing Windows Key and R, then type Cmd in the box and hit enter.
Now that the CMD interface is opened type shutdown -s.
Shutdown is the command we want to execute and -s is the switch that tells the machine to shutdown.
Hit Enter key if you have not done so and watch you computer shutdown.

How to copy the active window of your screen.

A lot of you are familiar with the print screen key, but what if you want to copy an highlighted part of the screen or a dialog box and you don’t want the other parts of the screen to show.
Then you can use this simple twist.
Print Screen will copy the whole screen but Alt + Print Screen will copy the active window on the screen.
It is as simple as that.
The snipping tool can also do this but it is not the fastest for copying an active window.

How to Increase Your Internet Speed to More Than 30%

You know that they are a lot of factors to be considered when it comes to internet speed.
There are basically internal and external factors.
Apart from your connections like cable, modem etc, you don’t have access to external factors.
With this trick, you can boost the internet speed of your computer. Let get started.
Open Command Prompt as administrator.
Type in this code netsh int tcp show global press the Enter key
Open notepad and paste the following codes then save the document anything you want but make sure it ends with .bat. Save it on the desktop.
netsh int tcp show global
netsh int tcp set global chimney=enabled
netsh int tcp set heuristics disabled
netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal
netsh int tcp set global congestionprovider=ctcp
The above code will just change the tcp settings you see in the command prompt output.
Remember to save with .bat extension.
Run the file as an administrator and instantly you will see an increase in internet speed.
If you want to change these TCP settings to their default, paste the code below into notepad and save it with .bat extension.
Maybe something like reset.bat
netsh int tcp show global
netsh int tcp set global chimney=default
netsh int tcp set heuristics enabled
netsh int tcp set global congestionprovider=none
This will return the tcp settings on your computer back to default.

How To Move From An Open Windows To Another.

Save yourself the pain of dragging your mouse around when you need to switch from one open window to another with this trick.
Use Alt+Tab to show all the windows you have opened and continue to press Tab to switch from one window to another.
This trick is for you if you work on multiple windows at a time.
Try it now.
How To Restart Your Computer Using Command Prompt
Open the command prompt window.
There ae many ways to do that if you don’t know, type cmd in the Run box or in the search window.
Type shutdown -r to restart your computer. Shutdown is the command and -r is the switch that tells the computer to restart.

How To Log Off The Current User Using CMD.

This is also as simple as typing shutdown -l in the CMD interface and hit Enter.
-l is the switch that makes the computer to log off.

How To Hibernate Your Computer Using Command Prompt

Copy and paste or type this code in CMD Rundll32.exe Powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState and press enter.
Your computer should hibernate and if it doesn’t, that means you haven’t enabled hibernation.

How to make Your Computer Welcome You Whenever You Put It On

Have you watched a movie and you hear a computer calling the name of someone during startup?
I bet you have.
You will learn how to make your computer call your name at startup.
In fact, you can make it say anything you want.
The trick is similar to the above trick but use the code below.
Dim speaks, speech
speaks=”Welcome to your PC, Username”
Set speech=CreateObject(“sapi.spvoice”)
speech.Speak speaks

After you have saved the script, copy and paste it in your startup folder.

You can locate the folder by typing shell:startup in the Run box (Windows Key + R)
Paste the script and you are done.
If you want the best output with this trick, you should change you Sounds Scheme to No Sounds by going to control panel, put it in classic view. Locate sounds or sounds and audio devices.
A sound box will open. Go to the Sounds tab and click on the drop-down arrow below Sound Scheme then select No Sounds
Hit OK and that is it.
I can’t explain how good this trick is, just bookmark this site, try this trick and some other ones you like then see the outcomes yourself.

How To Shutdown Your Computer After A Specified Time In CMD

This is a computer trick that gives you control on how long you will wait before your computer shutdown.
Open you CMD and type shutdown -s -t 30
This command is very simple to understand if you ask me.
30 is the number of seconds you will wait before your computer shutdown and it is a variable ie you can put any number you want.
You will see a warning during this waiting time indicating that your computer will shutdown soon.
-t is the timer switch.
You can stop this computer from shutting down when the countdown hasn’t reached 0 by typing shutdown -a and hit enter.

How to shutdown a remote computer Using Command Prompt

The code is shutdown -s -m\\Computer Name.
You should know that Computer Name is the name of the computer you want to shutdown.
You view the names of the computers you are connected to by typing net view in the command prompt window.
Before you can shutdown a remote computer, you must have admin previlage on that computer.
If you are not sure about that then open Run box, type the computer name and hit enter.
Know that the login details username/password will be required if you can connect to the system.
If you can provide the login details then you will see the directories of the system which is the confirmation that you can shutdown the system remotely.

How to know your IP address and Other Connection Details Using Command Prompt

The command prompt can be used for many things and one of them is that you can get your IP address and other connection details from this interface.
Type ipconfig/all and hit enter.
The details will be shown including your MAC address, DHCP enabled or not, DNS server(s), Hostname and others.

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How to know if someone is hacking your computer

Is someone hacking your computer?
With the use of command prompt, you can detect an unknown computer that is connected to your computer and stealing your private files.
Open the command prompt and type netstat -a.
Look at the result closely.
The column named proto indicates if the connection is TCP or UDP.
Local address column indicates the port of connection.
Foreign address column displays the external computer that is connected to you and its port.
State indicates whether the connection at that moment or not.

How to Use Two Network Connections To Boost Your Internet Speed

This trick makes use of Network Bridging to combine two networks together.
This will, as a result, leads to increase in internet speed.
First, open the Run box.
You can do by clicking start, type run and hit Enter. Or hold the windows key + R.
Type this code into the run box and click OK
A page will be opened for you to select the networks you want to bridge.
After selecting the two networks, right click chose bridge network.
You have merged the two networks together.

How to Close A Progam The Fast Way.

Alt+F4 can be a quick way to close any program you want.
It saves you the time of dragging you mouse around just for hitting the X at the corner of your screen.
I like this shortcut because it is a fast way and I know you will like it as well.

The Coolest Way To Open Windows Task Manager.

This shortcut will open the task manager without mousing around.
Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open it.
It is quick and cool.

How to Add Checkbox to All Folders.

This is very useful because it will save you the stress of holding the control key whenever you want to highlight a group of files or folders.
To make this available, just open a folder.
Look at the top of the folder, on the second line click on view.
Then check item check boxes and you are done.
Now you can just select as many files or folders as you want by clicking the check box beside it.
The check box will appear when you move the mouse cursor on the file or folder.

Do You Need To View Your System Information?

This shortcut will display your system information within the blink of an eye.
Press the Windows Key plus the Pause/Break Key and your system info will be shown.
This is faster than using the generally known way.
And here you will be using the Pause/Break key that is rarely used.
Hint: that’s what I use to remember this trick.

Make Matrix Falling Code Using Notepad.

The famous text editor that comes along with Windows Operating System, Notepad.
It has a lot of benefits aside from its primary function.
It can be used to perform many computer tricks which you will learn one of them here and know.
If you have watched the Matrix movie, you will be familiar with the falling code.
You can use this matrix trick to freak out your friends, keep someone waiting forever and many other things you can use this trick for.
If you can think, most of the trick you see in this blog post can be used in many ways that will make you more productive, faster and freak people out more.
Without any more ado, code the codes below and paste them in Notepad the save the document with anything.bat.
@echo off
color 02
echo %random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%
goto tricks
Note that anything can be any name just save it with .bat extension.


How to Make Subscript and Superscript quickly.

Do you need to type something like an exponential e2 or something like this e2, well you now have the keys to do them in no time.
This trick you are about to see will make you do any of that within a blink of an eye.
Highlight the specific word you want to perform this operation on then do the magic below.
Hold Ctrl and = for subscript
Hold Ctrl, Shift and = for superscript.

How to delete an entire Word In Office.

This simple trick handy when you make a mistake any want to delete the entire word.
You don’t need to start hitting the backspace key, no.
Just hold the Ctrl key then hit the backspace key once.

How to paste a text without its format.

Have you ever copied a text and you don’t wish to have its format along with it?
The common way to paste is Ctrl + V but this will paste the format of the text along with it.
After pasting the text, click or highlight if the texts are many and use Ctrl + Spacebar to remove the formatting.
The above trick will work fine for most text document like Microsoft Word and others but in some program, you can use Ctrl + Shift + V to paste the plain text without the formatting.
Some other ways to do this, simply paste the text in Notepad the copy and paste in word or in any program you want to use the text.
Ctrl+Alt+V will display the Paste dialog box for you to choose the type or format you want for the text.

Shortcut to move the cursor to the beginning of word

You can save yourself a lot of time when you are typing by using this trick.
Use Ctrl + Left arrow key to move to the beginning of a word.
Ctrl + Tight arrow key to move to the beginning of the next word.


I know that you are aware of some shortcuts but there are some that you overlook or you are not even aware of.
These computer shortcuts are for advance and average computer users.
If you can use these computer shortcuts, I am very sure that your effort, as well as time, will be reduced.

Various Ways of Opening the Windows Task Manager

The Task Manager is a very useful tool in a windows operating system.
You can use it to enable and disable startup programs.
As the name implies, it is used to manage tasks.
A lot of people usually use this tool to close a task that they can simply close using the X bottom.
This tool can be very useful, but how do you open it?
Here are some simple ways to open the task manager window.
And by right-clicking on the taskbar then select task manager.
A lot of people are familiar with the last two but it is good to have options in life.


How to Block Some Websites from Opening on Your Computer.

Maybe you are like me, I allow people to access the internet with my laptop.
But you noticed that they visit some sites that you don’t like.
Like some download sites, Youtube and other sites that consume much data.
You can easily blog any site from your computer using this awesome computer trick.
First, bring out the Run dialog box by Clicking start, type run, hit enter.
Or if you like using shortcuts which are a good habit, simply hold the windows key + letter R and voila, the Run box appears.
Type in this code %windir%\system32\drivers\etc  in the Run box and hit the Enter key.
What this does is that it will open the etc folder.
This etc folder contains a file called Host and some other files. We are interested in the Host file here.
It is in this Host file that you are going to tell your computer not to visit a site.
But getting to the host file through the above step will not give you access to save your settings at the end of the day, I just want you to see the folder before following the right step.
In other to have full access to this file, Click Start and search for notepad, right click on Notepad and select Run as administrator.
Look at the taskbar on notepad click on File>Open>This Pc>Local Disk C:>Windows>system32>driver>etc
When you get to this etc folder, at the bottom of notepad open box change the Text Documents drop down box to All Files.
Double click on Host and type the following code at the bottom of the page website you want to block www.website you want to block another website you want to block www.another website you want to block
You can follow the above pattern to add as many websites as you want.

How to Know Where an Image Originated from.

This is a simple trick using Chrome browser.
Hold the S key and right click on the image.
A new tab will open showing you where the image came from.

How to Clear Window Cache and Refresh On Your Browser Easily?

This is a two in one trick.
Hold Ctrl+Shift+R

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How to Use Text Editor In Your Browser

If you are a computer user there is no way you won’t be using a text editor.
This simple code will turn your browser into a text editor.
I like this because it gives a new interface different from the regular text editors.
Just copy and paste this code into your browser and hit enter.
data:text/html, <title>Text Editor</title><body contenteditable Reddit style=”font-size:2rem;font-family:georgia;line-height:1.4;maxwidth: 60rem;margin:0 auto;padding:4rem;”>
use control plus + to zoom in
use control plus – to zoom out
and control plus 0 to set the zoom to default.
You might think that you above the level of learning new computer tricks.
But the honest truth is that there always new and helpful tricks that you have not heard of.
In this article, you will learn many types of computer tricks and I am very sure that you will find at least one that will be new to you.
These tricks will increase your productivity and give you more time do something else.
Another benefit is that you share the tricks with your friends especially those that not so good with computers.

How to Access a Blocked Website

First get the IP address of the website.
Ping the URL of the site in CMD.
Copy the IP address and paste it into your browser and hit enter.

Let The Computer Add www. And .com Or .net To any URL you type In the Browser.

This is simple just like how it sounds.
You want to save yourself some few seconds when typing an URL in the browser, hit Ctrl and Enter Keys to add www. At the beginning of the URL and .com at the end of the URL.
If you want .net instead of .com, then use Ctrl, Shift and Enter keys and voila you are on the site.
This is indeed a very cool trick.
You know I do this for people and they finish telling me the site, the site is already showing on the screen and they will be like “hmm cool”.

How to open a link in new tab?

Do you know that as simple as this trick is some people don’t know it?
So let’s share it because it is useful.
In some cases, when you reading the content of a page and you want to visit a link shared on that page without leaving the page.
Just right-click on the link and select open in new tab

How to Redirect a Website to Another Website on Your Computer

This magical trick is similar to the above one you just have to get the Ip address of the site you want people to be redirected to when they visit a website on your computer.
To get the Ip address of any website, make sure you are connected to the internet.
Open Command Prompt on your computer.
Type tracert Followed by the URL of the site you want to get its IP address and press Enter key on your keyboard.
For example, Tracert google.com
Copy the IP address and open the Host file with admin privilege.
At the bottom of the page paste the IP address you copied from CMD then type the URL you want to redirect to that IP address.
234.567.890.3 youtube.com
234.567.890.3 www.youtube.com
It is as simple as that.
You can undo all of these by simply deleting the IP and the URL.

How to Move From One Tab To Another In Web Browser.

This can make surfing the internet a bit more fun if you know how to do it.
I am the type of person that usually open a lot of tabs when I am using the internet.
To save myself the stress of mousing around when I want to view an open tab, I use this.
Ctrl + Tab will take you from tab to the next one.
Ctrl + “Any number”  will the open the tab of that number.

How To Use Private Browsing.

The simple meaning of private browsing is that your browsing history and cookies of the sites you visit will not be saved.
All browsers usually have this cool function.
Google Chrome call it Incognito and you can use Ctrl+Shit+N to open it.
Another way to open incognito is to right click on the chrome icon on your taskbar and choose New Incognito Window.
You can open this private browsing feature in Firefox by pressing Ctrl, Shift and P.
Internet Explorer uses the same keys as Firefox.

How to Jump To The Address Bar  In A Browser.

There are a lot of ways to do this.
F6 is one of them
Alt Key + D will do the same.
And Ctrl Key + L.
You can use Ctrl+Shift+T to bring back a closed tab.

How to Reopen a Closed Tab On Browser

At times you might mistakenly close tab on your browser
This happens to every one of us.
You can get this closed tab back by simply holding the Ctrl and Shit key then press T (Ctrl+Shit+T)
This is very easy to do and can save you a lot of stress.

How to Control YouTube Video with Your Keyboard?

We all know that shortcuts make everything easier.
This is also true in the case of YouTube.
You can forward the video for 10 seconds using the L key.
Rewind it for 10 seconds using J key.
And pause the video using K key.
You can also pause the video using space bar but this will only work if you click on the video.


How to get the list of largest files on your computer.

Do you need to free some space on your computer and you don’t know where to stat from?
Use WinDirStat to get the list of the files on your computer.
From there you can select and delete anyone you wish to delete.

How to Make a Folder That Cannot Be Deleted

This is one of the tricks that can be used to fool someone.
You will learn about that later.
To create a folder that you can’t delete except from Command Line Interface, first open the command line interface.
Go to the directory in which you want to create the folder.
For example, drive D. Type d: and press enter key.
The code md is use to create a folder in the command line interface and it stands for make directory.
So now that you have gotten to where you want to create your folder just type md followed by any of this names aux, lpt1, lpt2 to lpt9 and con then end with \ e.g md aux\
A folder will be created in the drive and no one will be able to delete it unless you come back to the command line interface and use the below code.
Rd followed by the name of the folder then \. Just like the above example we use, for us to delete that folder you just have go into the directory from your command line interface and type rd aux\ then hit enter period.


Change a user password in windows.

Maybe you forgot the password of one of your user accounts.
What makes this very useful is that you can change the password without the old password.
You can change the password with this little trick.
You must be an admin on that computer to do this.
Right click on This Pc or my computer.
Go to Manage
Click on Local Users and Groups. Select Users.
You will see all the User accounts on that PC
Right Click on the account you want to change its password and select Set password.
Hit proceed to change the password.

How to Encrypt a Folder or File

This computer trick will encrypt your file or folder from other users.
Select Advance after you right click on the file or folder you want to encrypt.
Check the box beside Encrypt Content To Secure Data.
Now click Ok.
The only thing that will prevent this tick from working is if the file or folder is opened somewhere in which case you have to close it and do it again.

How to Detect If Someone is Using Your Wi-Fi Connection.

You will learn two awesome computer tricks in the section.
First, how do you get you internet details, your IP address, MAC address and so on?
Open the command line interface or CMD and type ipconfig/all.
This will show you every detail of your internet connection.
It that simple.
So how do you detect someone that is using your wi-fi connection?
Simply any of these IP address in your browser.
Go to the attached devices tab and compare either your MAC address, IP address or even your computer name with the one you see.
Just fish out the odd MAC, IP or computer name.

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