Convert VMware Workstation to Hyper V (IN 2 STEPS)

The knowledge needed to convert VMware workstation to Hyper V can be required in many situations and Microsoft has made the whole thing simple by creating a tool that helps you and I to achieve this goal with ease.

The tool is called Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter.

On this page you will learn how to convert VMware to Hyper V and Azure in VHD and VHDX format with the help of this tool.

I’ve broken this tutorial into 2 simple parts.

The First Part: How to Install Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter and Set It Up

Download all the files here, everything is free:

You can use only the Microsoft converter to do the work. However, you can use PowerShell too along with the converter depending on the scenario you are in.

Please note that this guide contains detailed explanation of the power shell conversion and touched briefly on how to use just the Microsoft Virtual Converter.

PowerShell is simple and straight forward you just have to stick with me.

You will see how I converted a VMDK operating system to hyper V using PowerShell.

To get started, install the converter. It’s a simple installation just like a regular software installation.

It can take few minutes to complete the installation though.

convert VMware Workstation to Hyper V

After the installation is completed you will find the tool on the start menu like below.

There is a funny thing here:

After the installation of the tool it says Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter 3.1 but on the download site Microsoft says it’s 3.0.

So if you are wondering why the version of your installed tool is different from what you downloaded, know that it’s an issue from Microsoft itself.

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Alright let’s continue with our conversion.

The converter allows you to convert virtual to virtual machines called v2v or physical to virtual called p2v.

All of that are useful when you have a VMware host on your computer. And that is why I’ll be using PowerShell. Because I don’t have VMware host on my computer.

I’ll just go through the steps here quickly since I am not converting a VMware host to Hyper V.

The Next step, Migration Destination will if you want to migrate to Microsoft Azure or Hyper V.

convert VMware Workstation to Hyper V

You will be able to select the host If you pick Hyper V, then it will ask for the path where you want to use as storage for the virtual disk.

You will need to have a share where you will store the VHD also, you can convert them to Fix Size or Dynamical Expanding. All that is a matter of choice though.

After this section, the Microsoft converter will want you to connect to Vcenter server, the address and the login details of the server.

The remaining steps on the converter are easy and straight to the point.

The transfer will begin immediately you hit the finish button.

The Second Part: Using PowerShell to Convert VMware Workstation to Hyper V

I have an offline disk that I am not using now, so I’ll use PowerShell to convert the disk using the PowerShell commands.

As I have written above, it is simple to do.

So let’s do it.

The first thing is to open PowerShell on your computer. Just search for it and right click on it to Run as Administrator.

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The next thing is to import the modules that are automatically installed along with the Microsoft converter into PowerShell.

Import-Module ‘C:\Program Files\Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter\MvmcCmdlet.psd1’

That is the module that contains the commands you will use.

After typing the module above into PowerShell, hit the enter key.

You can be pretty sure that you now have all the commands to convert VMware Workstation to Hyper V available in the PowerShell.

Now let the conversion begins by typing the following commands into PowerShell:

This is the command I used form my conversion and I know it will be a little different from what you will use, so I’ve written a detailed explanation of each part of the command below.

I think you should check that out before you input your commands.

ConvertTo-MvmcVirtualHardDisk –sourceLiteralPath c:\NLB-NODE-01\ NLB-NODE-01.vmdk –VhdType DynamicHardDisk –VhdFormat Vhdx –DestinationLiteralPath E:\Converted

Explanation of The PowerShell Commands to Convert VMware Workstation to Hyper V

The command ConvertTo-MvmcVirtualHardDisk is what initiates the whole process. The virtual hard disk is there because that is the option that suits what I want to do.

There are more options in the ConvertTo command so I’ll recommend you type ConvertTo-Mvm to see what you’ve got.

The command –sourceLiteralPath specifies the location of the Vmdk file. You can see the c:\ ahead of it.

The next command –VhdType DynamicHardDisk, specifies the Vhd type. Again, yours will certainly not be dynamic hard disk. You will see the available options after you type–VhdType. I used DynamicHardDisk because I am trying to reduce the work on the hard disk inside the computer I am using.

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The command –VhdFormat is use to indicate the format and I used Vhdx as the format I want.

Lastly, the destination of the converted files using –DestinationLiteralPath. You will specify the location you want.

You can also use a shared location as the destination.

When all that is done the final thing is to hit the Enter button and the conversion will begin.

You will see that the converted files are being deposited in the destination path you specified for the converted if you look at the location.

So take a chill and relax.

convert VMware Workstation to Hyper V

If you look at the picture, you will see that the vmdk file has been successfully converted to vhdx file.

Try it out by creating a new virtual machine after you finish the whole process.

I hope you enjoy this how to convert VMware Workstation to Hyper V tutorial as much as enjoy sharing it with you.

Thanks and God bless you.


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