How To Retain Customers With Technology

The minimum thing a customer wants from your restaurant is you receiving them with a beneficial technology.

Regardless of the form of contact – online or offline – and the type of product/service contracted, everyone wants to be treated well. 

This is a decisive factor for the success of any company.

A survey conducted by Accenture, which collected data from 1,300 people in Brazil, found that about 86% of consumers interviewed switched suppliers due to poor service. 

The study also reveals that 92% of cases could be avoided.

The conclusion? 

Brazilian companies lost about R $ 217 billion, due to customers who switched to the competition.

Do you understand why excellent service is paramount

Restaurants and food franchises have a great opportunity to reach out to their customers to build customer loyalty. 

In this case, technological resources can be of great use, making your business stand out from the rest.

Invest in the modernization of your establishment, to retain and win customers, in addition to increasing your profits. 

Make your restaurant even more attractive by using technology to your advantage.

Invest in a Wi-Fi network

Currently, Wi-Fi is almost mandatory in all establishments. 

Restaurants, especially, should not ignore and waste their potential. 

Invest in a secure and agile network for your customers. 

In addition to making your business more attractive, the wireless network can be very useful as a loyalty tool and reach the public.

Installing a Wi-Fi network does not involve high costs. It is a viable investment and with an excellent return for the restaurant. 

Use referral programs for your customers

These program models encourage your customers to return to your restaurant and invite their friends to visit you as well. 

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Evaluate a point strategy to increase the frequency of visitors to your location. 

Some examples that may work:

  • Offer something in return (a meal, dessert or drink), after a certain number of times the customer has visited your restaurant;
  • After a visit, grant an incentive for the customer to return. A dessert or starter are some choices. In that case, you can offer this benefit in exchange for a satisfaction survey, for example. One tip is to use Google Forms to do the research.

It is also possible to develop your own application – which will require a high investment – or use tools available on the market. 

Bonuz is an example.

The company offers the application of a point through invoices, in which it is possible to redeem, reward, and win surprises. 

According to the brand’s website, chains like Domino’s Pizza, Spoletto and Giraffas already use the system.

Modernize the structure of your restaurant

Give your restaurant a new look with technology. 

By using it as an ally of your business, you can reduce expenses and offer more comfort and tranquility to your customers.

Browsing the internet often drains cell phone batteries quickly. 

So, offer portable chargers so that customers can charge their cell phones while still using it. 

Even more so if your restaurant already has a Wi-Fi network.

Traditional paper menus can be replaced with a menu on the tablet. 

Another option is to make it available on the website, so customers can access it directly from their cell phones.

In this way, it is possible to decide what to order while on the way to the restaurant, making orders faster. 

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The savings with constant impressions and updates are additional benefits.

Making a QR Code available on the menu or using applications, such as the Digital Menu, can also be efficient solutions.

Tablets or other portable devices can be used by waiters to take orders, automatically sending the choices to the kitchen.

Online payment tools, such as PayPal, will also make your customers’ lives easier. 

Assess whether, in addition to debit and credit cards, it is interesting to offer more of this option.

Investing in technology can bring a new look to your restaurant, help save resources, achievements, and retain customers. 

Transform your business and get ahead of your competitors.

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