Deep Web – What is it and how to access this dark part of the internet?

Curious about entering the mysterious world of Deep Web? So here are some tips for you to access this hidden part of the internet.

Curious for many, the Deep Web is a little-explored part of the web because it is difficult to access. But have you ever heard of the Deep Web? Do you know what it is? Do you know how to access it?

Deep Web is nothing more than a part of the web that is not connected by the most popular search engines, such as Google. Thus, it is restricted from the general public.

It is a network with several sites that do not communicate with each other, making access even more difficult.

If you’ve heard of this restricted internet site, you may think it’s a bad thing, as the Deep Web is often associated with child pornography, the drug trade, and so on.

However, this is nothing more than a generalization, since other contents too are there.

Three Ways to Access the Deep Web

1. Tor Access

The fastest and safest way to access Deep Web on your computer is through the Tor program, which has versions for Windows, Mac, and Linux. With this, Tor Browser comes with a complete package that allows you to enter Deep Web addresses.

Besides, Tor Browser is a browser pre-configured to access the network, being a different version of Firefox.

Tor can be downloaded from the program’s official website. However, right after installation, follow the onscreen instructions. For safety reasons, the installer should ask if you are in an “obstacle free” connection.

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But unless you’re connected to a filtered or censored network, just click the “Connect” option and start browsing the Deep Web.

Right after the installation, you will be able to log on to the Deep Web as an anonymous one, because instead of connecting directly to the site, your computer will connect to one Tor machine, which will connect to another one in succession. That is, with this system, your IP can never be revealed.

Once inside the Deep Web, you need to access website directories, unlike Google, where you look in the search engine. The most popular directory within Tor is the Hidden Wiki.

2. Access by Android

To get to the Deep Web through an Android OS phone, you’ll need to download two apps. Both are from the Tor Project, creator of the Tor network. They are:

1- Orbot Proxy: This app will connect to Tor’s network. With this, it will encrypt and leave your anonymous access.

2- Orfox: It is the real browser, being a mobile version of Tor that runs on a computer. However, the app will only work with Orbot enabled.

Now keep track of what you need to do to access your mobile Deep Web:

  • Open Orbot Proxy and do the introduction process;
  • Tap World and select Brazil;
  • Enable the Apps VPN Mode option ;
  • Tap Start. After that, wait for the connection. You will know if everything is ok when Full Device VPN appears next to the fox;
  • If it hits, check Use Bridges and try again;
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3- Access by iPhone

There is no Tor application on the IOS system. This is because the iPhone program is restricted and limited, as Apple requires browsers on other systems to use the browser engine called WebKit, the same as Google and Safari.

Because Tor is based on Firefox because the program provides maximum anonymity in connection, Deep Web input via IOS may be less secure.

Therefore, the best means of access makes the Onion Browser. Follow the instructions below:

  • Download and install Onion Browser on iPhone or iPad;
  • Make the setting;
  • When something about Bridges appears, tap Continue Without;
  • The app will connect you to Tor’s network;
  • When Connected appears, tap, Start browsing to start browsing;
  • If everything is correct, you will see the message “Onion Browser has successfully connected over Tor”.

Deep Web Security

Because it is a mysterious, restricted, non-crawled Web site, security care when accessing the Deep Web must be redoubled. This is because, as there is no censorship to anything, much illegal content is out there.

But Tor’s system can be reviewed by authorities, so be careful not to do anything illegal. As for care, follow what you already do daily, but with much more attention. Having a good antivirus on your machine is critical.

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