10 Ways To Escape Tutorial Hell of Programming

Don’t become super dependent on Youtube videos or online courses and have a problem when you try to create something on your own.

Follow these 10 tips to solve the common mistakes beginner programmers make that aren’t language-specific.

Let’s get started.

1. Deconstruct The Tutorial

Study the tutorial ones and get all the concepts laid out.

The goal is not about building the project in the tutorial, it is about what you learn while building it.

So note down the ideas in the tutorial as soon as you finish studying all parts of it.

2.Don’t go from one tutorial to the other.

Don’t watch one tutorial then move to the next one immediately.

You have to make sure you really understand it. Take note of the ideas you learn and build something different out of the ideas.

You can use a different database or UI.

3.Combine Tutorials

You have completely understood a tutorial, the next action is to combine the knowledge with another tutorial and create something more complex using the two.

Or you can just modify the tutorial itself to something else.

And you can do both.

4.Check Out Codes On GitHub

Look at other people’s code on GitHub. Try to understand it. Study each line of the code and Google any part you don’t understand. Make sure you figure out the whole code.

Ask yourself these questions as you check out each code:

What does this line of code do?

How does it work?

These actions will prepare you for your job because most jobs will give you other people’s code to fix or work with.

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5.Contribute To Open Source

This is another reason you should go to GitHub.

You will see lots of codes there and they give you another chance to upgrade your resume and develop your knowledge. And also makes you leave the tutorial hell.

The source code may be the one you have been looking at from the last point.

Maybe you can contribute a feature, or you can fix an issue in the code.

Just do something to improve the code to the best of your ability.

Not all codes that you try to fork will be available, but the more you try the higher your chance of getting a yes.

6.Stick With A Certain Technology

Stick with the language you have chosen and don’t bounce around here and there. Except if you are just starting out and haven’t figure out what you want to do.

Even with that, I still encourage you to stick with a certain language. You can pick a language base on the ones that frequently appear in the job posting in your part of the world.

You shouldn’t watch every programming video or learn every technology on the planet before you get a job. In fact, your day to day job too will only require very few languages at maximum.

Just stick with what you want to do and overlook the rest.

7.Algorithm And Challenges

The Algorithm is one of the foundations of computer programming but most programmers now don’t give many regards to it.

I remembered that in school, one of the first few courses in computer science is the algorithm and data structure.

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It is an added advantage for you to have a good understanding of the algorithm because it will help you solve problems faster.

And it gives you some syntax you might not know.

8.Join The Coding Community

Meet people and talk about programming.

The community you join can be on or offline. Just don’t be doing the whole thing on your own. Relate with people in the coding world.

There are many benefits to this.

First, you can’t know everything, you will get hooked once in a while. And not all problems will have a solution on Google, even if you find the solution, you can’t compare a solution from a buddy to a random guy on the internet.

Second, job. As a human, we feel compelled to hire someone we already know than an unknown person. So far our buddy has the skills to get the job done. Some people still give you the job regardless while they overlook the skill, just because they know and think you can do the job, or figure out how to get the job done.

9.Use Documentation

Every time we will see languages and frameworks get an update. And that makes documentation the most accurate source to learn more about a language or framework.

Some documentations are very bad too. That doesn’t render them useless. Just go through the documentation of your preferred language and framework every now and then.

Now let’s see the last tip.

10.Start Working

I believe the ultimate goal of you watching a tutorial is to get a job in programming. Don’t shy away from it.

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You will have a great chance over your colleague if you follow the tips on this page. Take it from the top and work your way down.

All the points here are meant to get you comfortable at your work.

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