How Doctors Can Secure Patients Data

Maintaining the security of patient data in addition to being a CFM determination is a common concern for any physician. 

Having a guarantee that unauthorized people will not access confidential information kept by the doctor or that they will not get lost is what keeps technological innovations in the health area increasingly efficient.

Mainly due to advances in technology, the way of storing medical information has evolved considerably:

From paper to cloud storage

There is no denying the influences of technology in our lives. 

For clinics and offices, the use of index cards, diary books, drawers and even file rooms are being replaced. 

Management software guarantees more security

Also, they have the advantage of keeping patient data away from the many risks that the paper offers. 

Some of these risks are:

  • The paper loses quality, in addition to being at risk of getting wet, mouldy and often contains unreadable information;
  • There is a possibility of loss, theft or simply being disposed of incorrectly;
  • The paper is susceptible to unexpected floods, accidents or fires;
  • Employee transition allows access to data that is not guaranteed to be recovered;
  • The accumulation of paper in files makes it difficult to locate a medical record, in addition to being influenced by different people;
  • Paper does not give chances for mobility. Your access is local. In the event of an emergency need, the doctor will always need to go to the archive to give guidance, consult the medical history and assist the patient.

It has already been noted that to ensure the confidentiality of patient information, and technology has only contributed. 

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So, here is ** our first tip **: gradually transition from paper to an electronic medical record system in the cloud. 

But it’s not over! Even adopting an electronic medical record system, some security measures are still highly recommended. 

Only in this way is it possible to maintain the confidentiality of data on those systems that use cloud technology. 

At least four measures are essential: the security actions of the contracted service, your password, backup and support.


In the cloud system, data is distributed on different servers that have different database units. 

These units are located in secure locations, suitable for data storage and away from each other. 

In the event of natural disasters or power outages at one of the locations, the other units are activated immediately.

Therefore, it is worth checking whether the contracted software follows the strict standards to enter the market and ensure that they are safe and efficient.

Another tip is to consult which server the system uses and whether it also follows international security standards. 

An example of an excellent server is Amazon, the same that Netflix, and Unilever use.


Check which methods of creating and recovering passwords the system offers.

The password is the main resource that the user has to ensure that the registered information will only be accessed by him or by other configured and authorized users.

A tip is to check if the system uses a security method called captcha. 

This is a user access block if the password is entered incorrectly five times in a row. 

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This prevents attacks and virtual intrusions to your data.


The possibility of retrieving information is one of the revolutions that the cloud system has brought to ensure that important data about patients is not lost due to the factors mentioned above.

Make sure that the contracted system performs daily backups and that recovery is guaranteed.

Support Team

Support staff looks like a common department that every company has to have, right? But for a system that uses cloud technology, the support team is the heart of the system!

All the user needs to do is take care of his password! Because all maintenance, updating, correction and any occurrence with the system functioning is handled by a specialized team and the user always has the best performance of the software without having to perform any action, just being connected to the internet.

Last but not least: research if the software you want to use has its team available through the different communication channels: telephone, email and chat.

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