How To Convert PDF To All Other Formats

There is no doubt that PDF files (Portable Documents Format) are the best alternative available when we want to share and distribute documents that we want to be able to see and print in exactly the way they were created, without compatibility problems or measures Typefaces

The use of PDF files range from graphic design, an activity where of course it is required to print exactly what the client saw on the computer screen, to the office and home, that is, the range of uses that We can give this type of files is really wide, since in addition to its flexibility, it is accepted in all types of scenarios.

In the following article we will know some tools and tricks to convert PDF files to make sure that the documents we achieve on the screen of our PC look exactly the same everywhere it is viewed or printed.

How to convert CBZ and CBR files to PDF

The first thing we will learn is how to convert files in CBZ and CBR formats to PDF, which can give us a little more flexibility when consulting them or enjoying their content. Fortunately, this task is very simple to perform, and we will only need two applications to reach a good port: a decompression program such as 7zip, WinRAR or WinZIP and a small utility called JPGtoPDF, capable of converting several image files into a single PDF.

Recall that the CBR (Comic Book RAR) format is basically a container file that includes a comic or comic inside, which has generally been scanned or created in PNG, JPEG, and GIF, BMP or TIFF file formats. For its reading, the so-called comic book readers are used, which interpret the images contained in the CBR file and display it in a similar way as if we were reading it from the original source.

The most common formats for this type of files are CBR (Comic Book RAR) and CBZ (Comic Book ZIP), however we can also find CB7 files, for the 7z compression format, CBT, for the TAR and CBA format, for the ACE format

This file format is very attractive for all those who like to read cartoons and comics on electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets, since with little effort and knowledge they can have to create a comic from scratch in a fairly simple and fast way.

Steps to convert CBR and CBZ comics to PDF format

Step 1

The first thing we have to do is to convert comics to PDF is to change the extension of the CBZ and CBR files to ZIP and RAR, respectively.

Step 2

As a second measure, unzip the file we have renamed in a different folder. At this point, we can use any of the file decompression programs in the market, be they payments or freeware.

Step 3

Next, we download an application called “JPGtoPDF” from the web, which we can do for free by clicking on this link. It should be noted that despite its name, this small utility can convert many other image formats to PDF, and can be useful in other tasks, so we recommend installing and preserving it.

Step 4

We extract the downloaded file in an appropriate location and execute the file “JPEGtoPDF.exe”.

Step 5

After that, we open the folder where we have unzipped the CBR or CBZ file and move to the folder that contains the images.

Step 6

To convert a comic to PDF, we select all the images, what we can do by pressing the CTRL + A key combination and dragging them to the main “JPEGtoPDF” window, opened in step 4.

Step 7

Now is the time to start the conversion. In the main window of “JPEGtoPDF” we have available a series of options that we can modify to fit our needs, which we can use to modify the location where we will store the result of the conversion from comic to PDF, page size or its margins If we wish, we can leave the default values.

Step 8

To start with the conversion, all we have to do is click on the “Save PDF” button, located in the lower right corner of the application.

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Convert PDF to JPG

PDF2JPG is a small and fabulous free program that will allow us to convert PDF files to various image formats.

There are certain cases in which we need to convert a PDF file into an image in order to avoid copying the texts and images they contain, or simply to be able to perform the opposite procedure, that is, to separate some of the elements that compose it.

Fortunately in the market there are several tools with which we will be able to convert a PDF file into images, one of them is PDF2JPG, a fantastic application that also allows us to perform the batch task, and according to the resolution required by the user.

Very easy to use, PDF2JPG offers a series of features that make it unique in its environment, for its speed and its conversion capacity, since it allows you to export PDF files to JPG, TIF, BMP, PNG and GIF formats just by dragging the PDF file to the program interface.

Also a quite special option is the ability offered by the program to specify custom DPI values, although this function is very useful, we must be careful with its use, as it could result in a file of too large size.

In addition, the batch conversion feature could be of great help when you need to process large amounts of PDF files.

As we mentioned, in the market there are many alternatives for conversion to PDF file images, but PDF2JPG is one of the best, a single program exclusively dedicated to this function can save us a lot of work time, because it only has the right tools and necessary.

If you wish, you can download and try PDF2JPG for free from the following link.

How to convert a PDF file to JPG online

As we have mentioned, the PDF format is the type of file par excellence to distribute content of all kinds, but not always our receivers will have the ability to read it, and less to edit it. This is where the possibility of converting a PDF into JPG images comes into play, much easier to manipulate.

Although most operating systems currently have an integrated PDF reader, the truth is that not all users have the latest generation devices, and the possibility of having to install a separate PDF reader for many of them It can become a nightmare.

At this point, converting a PDF to JPG is one of the best alternatives we can have at our disposal to be able to bring our readers what we have to say or show them.

In the following paragraphs, we can find the best tools that at our discretion offer the best features and options to convert PDF files into images.

It should be noted that all of them are free and online PDF conversion tools, which means that we will not need to install any type of app on our device. We must access them through the Internet, which makes them an ideal ally for any situation.

The first one is DOCUPUB, a free online application that will allow us to convert PDF documents to JPG images, and that offers a series of very interesting functionalities such as the possibility of selecting the method in which we receive the images and many other options.

If you wish, you can try the service by clicking on the following link

Another of the most popular online converters is Convert PDF to JPG, an excellent tool to convert PDF documents to image. Thanks to its functionality and speed we will obtain the result of the conversion in a few seconds, and for this we will only have to select the file we want to convert and press the “Convert and Download” button. Simple and effective, one of the best alternatives.

If you wish, you can try the service by clicking on the following link.

PDF2JPG is also one of the best tools to convert PDF into images , but its simplicity and speed distinguish it from the rest, in addition to the size limit of the PDF documents that we want to convert, which in this case can reach up to 10 Mb, much higher to the other services mentioned in this post. Without a doubt, converting PDF to images with this PDF converter is really simple.


If you wish, you can try the service by clicking on the following link.

How to convert PDF to Word

Is it possible to edit a PDF file without using expensive paid tools? How to extract text and images from a PDF file? The answer to these questions is in a program called Free PDF to Word Converter.

Free PDF to Word Doc Converter is a tool that can convert an Adobe PDF file to a Microsoft Word Doc file totally free and in a few seconds. This application to convert PDF to Word extracts text, images and format from a PDF file to a Word file without altering the original format. This operation can be performed on a whole PDF or just a selection of pages of the PDF document.

You can install this program on your USB flash drive and you can use it anywhere. And there is more, you can do the conversion without having installed the native programs of these formats (Adobe Acrobat Reader and Microsoft Word).

Application functionalities

  • Convert PDF to Word in an editable format, preserving the outline of the original page
  • Extract text, graphics, format and images directly from PDF to Word.
  • Convert all or only selected pages.
  • Supports all PDF versions
  • Automatically open the exported file in .doc when the conversion ends.
  • Fast conversion speed
  • Easy use
  • In addition, it is totally free!

If you wish, you can download this fantastic tool to convert a PDF into Word completely free by clicking on this link.

Convert multiple PDF to text

Documents in PDF format for a few years have become an essential part of any company, regardless of the size or number of employees it has. Also in the home field they occupy a very important place, since they are the safest and most efficient way to store documents for later reference. This is mainly because this type of documents can always be read in the same format from any device, regardless of the operating system with which they operate.

In the market there are plenty of tools to extract the text from PDF documents, which will allow us to adapt its content to our real needs. In this sense, one of the applications that can provide us with the most benefits is PDF to Text, a small tool that will allow us to export the text contained within these PDFs so that we can import or paste them into other documents with total freedom. But the most important thing about this application is not this, but it will also allow us to do it with several PDF files at once.

Export text from PDF files with PDF to Text

The first thing that catches the user’s attention as soon as you download and install PDF to Text is its simple and orderly interface, which will allow us to quickly select the PDF files that we want to convert to text, as we can see below.

Step 1

The first thing to do is to click on the “Add PDF” button or simply dragging them to the main window.

Step 2

Once we have selected the PDF files that we want to convert to text, all we have to do is choose the location of the result and click on the “Convert All” button.

Step 3

From this point, PDF to TEXT will start working, generating a text file for each PDF document processed. With regard to the quality of the conversion, it obviously will not include the images, nor will it be too accurate when it comes to text in columns, but it is always better to have a conversion like this than to have to type the text again.

Regarding the time it takes for PDF to TEXT to generate the conversion, it is quite fast, but it will always depend on the size and layout of the original PDF document. After the process is finished, the application will ask us if we want to open the result in a text editing program.

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PDF to TEXT is a PDF to basic text converter, and does not include more sophisticated tools like other programs in your niche, but it is precisely the simplicity of this application that makes it so interesting, and although it would require some options such as preserve the font style, convert a specific range of pages into text instead of the entire document or generate a single text output with all the PDFs added, the truth is that PDF to TEXT offers the possibility to convert PDF files to text they have copy restrictions, which many of the programs do not do in the same PDF to TEXT field. Without a doubt, a simple tool that offers us excellent potential.

If you wish, you can download this PDF to text converter for free by clicking on this link.

Convert PDF to Word with gDoc Creator

One of the biggest problems of using files in the PDF format is the inability to edit the content. Imagine you did a job and converted it to PDF, but you realized that there is a big mistake. If you did not have the original file, how do you correct it?

With gDoc Creator that is no longer a problem. Through a simple and practical interface, this program is the one to transform a PDF into an editable file, and vice versa. And the best part is that you do that by simply dragging the document into the converter!

Drag, drop and convert PDF into Word files

The highlight of gDoc Creator is the perfection of the conversion. Unlike other programs that promise to create editable files from a PDF, gDoc Creator manages to make an identical copy of the original document, with the difference that you can freely edit its content.

The generated file can be opened by Microsoft Word and has all the features and elements present in the PDF: the size, the layout of the images and the layout of the text. Exactly everything is there and ready to edit. If you want to change a title or add a paragraph, it is perfectly possible and without any complications.

On top of that, the conversion mode is also quite simple. You just need to drag the desired document to the program window and it will automatically transform your PDF into a text file.

Another strong point is the fact that gDoc Creator does not have many configurations. In this way, the user is sure of what he is doing and avoids wasting time creating a document that is unusable or different from what he wanted. The biggest change to make is to choose the format of the final file. If you are going to transform a PDF into DOC, you only need to select the “Microsoft Word” option in the “Convert Format” menu.

The reverse way: Convert a Word Doc file to PDF

You transformed your PDF, edited the text and now you want to make a new file with those changes. GDoc Creator has two modes so you can transform your DOC. The first is doing exactly the same process as before, that is, dragging the document into the program window. If you are going to do that, remember to change the settings for PDF.

The other method is even simpler, and you don’t even need to quit Microsoft Word. During the installation of gDoc Creator there is the option to incorporate a program bar in the text editor. With that bar, just click on the PDF icon and choose the destination to convert Word to PDF.

Ready for printing

If you want to convert your files and leave them ready for printing, it is possible to change the extension to XPS, exclusive for printing. The process is the same, drag and drop, but it is necessary to change the target format in the “Convert Format” option, exactly as you did before. You just need to run these types of files for the printer to activate and print the document.

If editing PDF files was synonymous with headache, with gDoc Creator that is no longer the case. The program works perfectly and creates a faithful copy, keeping all aspects of the original file. Everything is exactly in place and even respected to the size of the font.

However, sometimes, the level of perception of objects fails to differentiate text from an image. When trying to move a graphic, for example, the designed part will be separated from the textual elements and, depending on what you intend to do, it can become very uncomfortable.

The bar installed in Microsoft Word is quite practical and facilitates the conversion of text to PDF. On the other hand, the PDF reader that accompanies gDoc Creator is useless for those who already own another program, such as Adobe Reader.

If you wish, you can download gDoc Creator by clicking on this link.

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