how to create strong password

Nowadays, it is common, and it is no secret for anyone else to perform the most diverse functions on the web: paying bills, shopping, studying, watching movies, and even ordering food delivery.

Direct from the comfort of your home; you can solve almost anything.

However, each site and application requires, in addition to registration, the definition of a password, and this is where users’ doubts begin.

No matter how small a site appears to be, for example, your favorite online clothing store, it is essential to set a strong and unique password.

After all, have you ever stopped to reflect that your personal data is stored in your registration?

Even the number of your credit cards, if you are adept at saving such data, at making purchases faster.

The number of people who run malicious programs and applications is growing, so there is little care with the use of passwords.

Some years back, Facebook CEO and founder, Mark Zuckerberg, had his Twitter and Pinterest accounts hacked, by Twitter user OurMine Team.

The person responsible for the feat released his password in Zuckerberg’s account, which was surprisingly simple: “dadada.”

If even the founder of the biggest and most influential social network in recent times has had his account invaded by carelessness, we also need to be even more attentive. 

Check out some tips to ensure the security of your passwords:

Avoid passwords with personal references and clichés

First of all, it is necessary to abolish the obvious passwords, which involve personal clues:

Dates of Birth, marriage, children’s names, or anything related to the user’s life, if used in a simplified way, will always be the first alternatives for hackers.

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Passwords with numeric or alphabetical strings are also common. 

Others like “password,” “password,” or obvious combinations like “123456” are also recurring models. 

Remember: A password that is easy to remember is also easy to discover.

Pay attention to your password combinations

Reusing passwords on different websites and applications is not advised. 

Using the same password or investing in small variations of a standard password, such as “123abc” and “abc123”, can simplify the work for hackers.

Use your creativity! 

Think of different sequences, alternate numbers, and letters and consider investing in symbols. 

An alternative that can also be effective is to use unconventional phrases.

If you prefer to use personal information and important dates of your trajectory, think of acronyms that can translate them and transform them into a strong password mixing with different types of characters. 

This can be a way to help your memory and still guarantee a secure password.

how to create strong password

According to content available on the Microsoft website, below we list the main features that make a password strong:

– At least eight characters;

– Does not contain your username, your real name or the name of the company;

– Does not contain a complete word;

– It is quite different from previous passwords;

– Contains characters from each of these four categories:

  1. Capital letters: A, B, C;
  2. Lowercase letters: a, b, c;
  3. Numbers: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9;
  4. Keyboard symbols (all keyboard characters not defined as letters or numbers) and spaces: `~! @ # $% ^ & * () _ – + = {} [] \ | :; ”'<>,. ? /
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All of these variables can help you to create a next or new powerful and fully trusted password. 

In addition, other factors can also help keep all your accounts safe, including:

Use a password manager: 

These applications create random passwords, in addition to storing them all in your account, ensuring security and ease when logging in. 

A good example of this type of resource is 1Password.

Change passwords frequently:

We usually create a password for a website and never change it again. 

According to the best practices of IT professionals, it is recommended that a password be changed every three months and never used again;

Use password plug-ins: 

Several sites have the option of using Google and Facebook logins to register, thus avoiding the need to think about more passwords. 

This option is of great support, as it allows efforts to be invested in maintaining a smaller number of strengthened passwords and also facilitating their periodic change;

Dual Authentication: 

This method serves as extra protection, which adds one more step before accessing the account in question. 

They are usually activated via security codes sent to the cell phone, confirmation emails or secret questions.

I was hacked. Now what?

Unfortunately, a situation like this is still frequent. 

Even if it happens at different levels of severity, it is necessary to take some actions, which may protect you from possible setbacks. 

  1. Make a police report. It is important to document everything, in case a bigger problem, like credit card fraud in your name, happens;
  2. Change your password immediately, on all sites you can;
  3. Check websites that have your credit card information to make sure your billing address is correct. A common indicator in these cases is a recent change of address, to a location that you do not recognize;
  4. Check your credit card and bank statement to identify suspicious transactions. Contact your bank if necessary.
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