4 Cool Ways To Develop Interest In Coding

How to develop interest in coding?

It is quite unlikely to succeed in an endeavor if you don’t have interest in it.

That is not different in programming as well.

And do you know how fun it is when you have interest in something?

I bet you don’t.


If you have fallen in love before. LOL.

That is just by the way though, but I think there have something in common.

There is this strength of relentless that you get when you possess a good interest in someone.

You just keep pushing and pushing till you get what you want.

Similarly, how to develop interest in coding is by pushing and pushing yourself until you become interested in it.

That is quite awkward, here is what I mean.

Most people don’t find computer programming easy when they were starting out. It just became easy along the way.

But there are some recipes that speed up the whole process of developing the interest in programming.

And these recipes are what you will learn in today’s post.

Also helps in how to improve programming logic.

How To Develop Interest In Coding By Following Blogs

Firstly, be sure about the programming language you want to learn.

A simple way to pick the right language is to know that you want to do and pick the language that will best do the job.

Secondly, search the internet for best blogs for that programming language.

It is as simple as that.

You can even go the extra mile and search for best programmers of that language and look if they have a blog.

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Follow the best ten blogs you can find. This simple tip will open your eyes to the beauty of coding and prompt you to do it if there is an element of doing it.

Keep Reminding Yourself About It

The best tool you can use to develop interest in coding is yourself. Always remind yourself that you are on the right path.

That you made the right choice.

And why not?

Programming is now used in every part of the world, and in every walk of life. It is surely a right choice.

You can keep an affirmation and say it to yourself every now and then.

This will go a long way especially if you keep to it for more than 21 days.

Never allow this windows feature to slow up you computer.

Set A Goal And Reward For Yourself

Do you know what you want to do with the coding knowledge? If yes, that is all you need to develop interest in coding.

Set a goal and time to begin doing it.

For example,

To get a job, set the date you want to begin looking for the job, the date you want to finish the project(s) and the date you want to finish the course or book you choose to learn how to code.

Assign the reward you want for yourself at the end of each goal.

It does not have to be big, but make it something out of your norm.

Be Accountable To A Mentor/Senior

I think you should do this if you are serious about coding or taking your coding level to the next height.

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You don’t have to pay for a mentor.

If might even be a friend or someone that has no knowledge of programming, but you respect.

Use the respect you have for the individual to your advantage.

With that, I will bring this post to the end. Many people want to know how to develop interest in coding and I am very sure that those tips are enough as an answer to the question.

Feel free to drop your own tips in the comment section below and you should your concern if you have any programming challenge.

How To Develop Interest In Coding

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