How To Do Instagram Influencer Marketing

Instagram is one of the biggest social media sites of this generation. And if thousands of people are making money off Facebook, you should know that there is money to be made on Instagram as well.
Something tells me that you already know that, which is the reason you want to learn how to do Instagram influencer marketing.
How will you feel if you can turn $20 into $200? And this is not a one-time thing. You can repeat it as many times as you wish.
So how can you do it? That is what this post is all about, how to do influencer marketing the right way.
Look For Influencers In Your Niche
Use the search feature on Instagram to search for pages that have more than 100k followers in your niche.
You would probably come up with many pages that are crap, a good way to scrape the craps from the good pages is to view the last 5 posts on each page.
A page that is having more than 3k likes on average is what you should look for.
Take a note of all the accounts that meet the criteria and give them a cool DM.
How do you send a cool DM, that is what you will learn next.
Send A Message To Them
Any page is having up to 100k followers will be receiving many DMs on a daily basis, from their followers and marketers like you and I. With that in mind, we need to look for a way to make your DM stand out from the rest.
The first thing you should do is to use an enticing title like “BUSINESS RELATED” add either fire or money emoji before and after that two words.
That will grab the influencer’s attention will also make the DM stand out from their pile of DMs. The next thing is to go straight to the point on whatever you want to say.
Say something that goes along this line “Hello, we just want to know what your rates are. We created some new stores and we want to add few influences to our team. Let us know your rates.”
You list of influencers must be long because you will need to send 20 to 40 DMs a day to qualified influencers.

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Discourse Your Rates
Not all the influencers that you DMed will reply and most that reply will give a rate that is high, you have to negotiate with them without sounding like a newcomer.
A post on 100k follower page is usually between $15 – $30. If an influencer reply with a rate more than that, DM the influencer saying, “hey man, $15 is the usual rate we usually pay but we can do story post, regular post and link in the bio for $25.”
The negotiation as started like that, make sure you don’t overpay because you are only testing out the influencers for the first time.
Create Your Ads
You will get some influencers that will accept our rate when you follow the tips above. The next is to create a catchy ad. Scan through Instagram pages in our niche and look for how they created their ad.
It is usually a simple picture of the product with some text above or below it. You can easily copy the idea of any ad you see on Canva.
Scale Your Profits
Influencer marketing is simple and fast; you will see some influencers that will make you good sales. Keep note of such influencers because you will be using them weekly to keep the sales going.
A list of 3 to 4 of such influencers is all you need. You will use each of the 2 to 3 times every week using different products and ads.
You have got everything friend! The next thing now is to take action on this valuable piece of info.
You can implement it on a Shopify store, Affiliate marketing or even offline marketing, your imagination is your limit.
Use the comment box below to share anything that bothers you and I will be more than happy to help.
Remember, you can make money on Instagram because thousands of people are doing it.
I believe in you. Do you?
how to do influencer marketing on instagram

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