How To Get More Visitors To My Website

Have ever asked yourself why some site evolve right from the day they were hosted and some hardly get 10 visitors per month?

Off course many sites are like that.

The question you should be asking yourself as a web developer is: what makes a website grow in profit and visitors?

Because ultimately you will design website and aim to make money from it or better still, design website for a client whose sole aim is to make money from the site.

This post will highlight the key things that hinder the growth of any website and the way out.


Disregard For SEO

The first on the list is not using search engine optimization. This is as important as the site itself.

The first thing you need to research what your visitors are searching on major search engines and write one of the best articles to address what they search.

Do that for like five to ten search terms. And include some on-page SEO that I will explain below.

Put the search term in the title of the article, few times in the body and include it in the article description too.

Add 0ne or two images the post and rename them the search term.

Link all the articles together and you are ready to do off-page SEO

Share all these articles on your social media platforms s much as you can, this should be in different time intervals.

If you have friends or relatives that have a site, tell them to link to your site.

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Look for other websites that have similar articles like your and make friends with them.

How To Get Links From Other Sites

Comment on their post, subscribe to their mailing list, ask them few questions and offer to help them.

After few weeks of interaction, tell them about your site and the detailed articles you have written, then softly ask them to link to you.

If you can do that for many webmasters it won’t be long before you see visitors rushing to your website.

You can also offer to write to the webmasters too if they refuse to link to you, but I bet many will link to your after making them your friend.


Rough Content Layout

Even if you have the best content on your site, and you SEO was good, the user won’t still has a good user experience on the site if the layout is bad.

Implement table of content to your post and use adequate spacing for the texts.

How To Get More Visitors To My Website
How To Get More Visitors To My Website

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