How To Prevent Cyber-Attacks In Your Company

Have you ever been a victim of cyber-attacks in your business? 

Unfortunately, the web is full of pitfalls. 

Hackers and malicious people take advantage of small carelessness by less experienced users every day. 

It is essential to be fully aware when browsing the internet, to avoid virus attacks and hacker invasions.

The damage from Cyber-attacks in the corporate environment, for example, is alarming. 

According to a survey conducted by consultancy Grant Thornton, in 2016, companies lost approximately $ 280 billion as a result of Cyber-attacks. 

No matter the size of the business, preventing hackers is essential.

This article brings together tips for you to browse the web safely. 

What Are The Most Dangerous Pitfalls On The Web?

To answer this question, it is necessary to think about the most vulnerable to Cyber-attacks. 

An easy target for the action of hackers are novice users or people with little or no knowledge of IT. 

Based on this principle, the most dangerous traps will be the most difficult to identify.

In this regard, phishing is by far one of the most common pitfalls to deceive unprepared users. 

This technique uses fake pages – which mimic the original versions almost perfectly – to capture information from users. 

The phishing can happen through websites, e-mails, and even applications. 

The techniques to disguise such attacks have been improved continuously, to make it difficult for users to recognize the threats.

In addition to phishing, listed are two other common forms of such Cyber-attacks

According to an expert, offers coming from social networks can also be dangerous. 

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Especially when they request programs to be downloaded. 

These applications can often install malicious extensions on computers. 

The other common case is through downloading illegal content. 

They may require either downloading programs or signing content, which in the future will damage infected devices.

How To Avoid Cyber-Attacks?

It is important to take some precautions to prevent Cyber-attacks

Check out key actions to avoid traps on the web, according to experts:

  • Constantly strengthen your business’s IT security. Have installed at least the basic protection package, comprising antivirus and firewall. Don’t leave your company vulnerable;
  • Use well-known and trusted browsers ;
  • Only browse sites that are marked as safe, with a lock icon, in the address field.
  • Never ignore the warnings of dangerous sites in your browser ;
  • Access links and applications only from known e-mails on your list. If necessary, check with the sender beforehand if he really sent you the message in question and if that is a safe address to be accessed;
  • When accessing websites of financial institutions, pay attention if the domain starts with https: //. If it does not start this way, it is advisable to contact the institution by telephone and report what happened ;
  • Before accessing sites that request your e-mail and password, check that there are no irregularities or anything unusual.

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