How to Use Wi-Fi to win over customers at your establishment

We know that offering a free Wi-Fi network to customers has become mandatory in all establishments. However, there is a great business opportunity in using this feature, more precisely if it is a social Wi-Fi.

In addition to quality products and services, your customers also expect a unique experience. With that in mind, social Wi-Fi is an outlet that benefits your customers and also your business.

This is because it will make your environment more attractive and meet consumer needs, but it can also become a commercial tool for you.

Follow this post to learn how to make the best use of social Wi-Fi. You and your business can only benefit from using this tool.

Why install social Wi-Fi in my business?

First, the point here is not just to offer such a feature, but to offer it in the right way. After all, you can use social Wi-Fi as a strategic tool for your business.

Therefore, when installing a social Wi-Fi it is possible to capture valuable information from your customers, such as: name, email, phone and profile on social networks, such as Facebook.

When used in the right way, this information will only benefit your business, including:

  • Customer loyalty;
  • Information about the profile of your audience;
  • Visibility on social networks;
  • Qualified mailing for commercial actions;
  • Increase of your contact base.

These are just some of the possibilities, which can leverage your establishment.

Who should use social Wi-Fi?

So any company can use social Wi-Fi to provide a secure connection for its customers.

For example, it is interesting for an office to have this feature when receiving customers, suppliers and partners for a meeting.

However, those who benefit most from this feature, without a doubt, are commercial establishments, since the user of social Wi-Fi will be the end customer.

These are the businesses that have the most to gain from using this tool:

  • Restaurants;
  • Beauty salons;
  • Clothes store;
  • Spas;
  • Markets and Supermarkets;
  • Barber shops;
  • Bookstores;
  • Cafés.

How to install free Wi-Fi in your establishment?

There is nothing very complicated or high values ​​to do this installation. Basically three things are needed:

  1. Internet connection;
  2. Routers and access points;
  3. Specialized IT technical support.
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In short, the whole process is usually quite simple. As an assumption, let’s imagine a restaurant with a capacity for 100 customers.

# 1 Internet connection

The first step is to join a broadband service for your business. Which you probably already have. However, here the important thing is to observe the speed that will be hired.

In this situation that we imagine, a 50MB plan would be the minimum recommended. Everything will depend on your business goals and capabilities.

# 2 Routers and access points

Without a router there is simply no way to have social Wi-Fi. Your choice should take into account the size and structure of the establishment.

The make and the capacity of the device also contribute when defining which the best model for your business is.

In addition to the router, which is the equipment responsible for distributing the Wi-Fi network, it is also necessary to purchase some access points.

This device helps the router to distribute the connection across an environment, replicating its signal.

According to Electrical Engineer, Eric Lieb : “ Using national brands as a parameter, it is recommended that in a single router have between 20 and 30 customers connected at the same time, in order to guarantee a stable connection “.

So, in our imaginary restaurant, four devices would be needed. A central router and three other access points, so that the internet is distributed equally among all customers.

One tip is to position the devices in order to divide your environment into four different sectors. That done, the devices must be distributed among each of the defined sectors.

# 3 Specialized IT technical support

Hiring an IT technical support will make all the difference when installing your free Wi-Fi. A specialized service will decrease the chances of possible failures and setbacks in your network.

At this point, it is important to redouble your attention to the security of your company’s network. This way, your free Wi-Fi will be set up without any problems. Nobody better than an IT professional, to check the entire infrastructure of your establishment and ensure that it is safe.

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Here are some security recommendations for companies that want to set up free Wi-Fi:

  • Keep your operating system up to date;
  • Have an antivirus installed and updated on all computers;
  • Set up a firewall on your network, to strengthen security;
  • To prevent intrusions on your network, back up regularly ;
  • Use a secure password on your free Wi-Fi to avoid unauthorized users.

Another additional action, which helps ensure greater security for your customers, is to make use of a VPN. This Software encodes data exchange so that third parties cannot access users’ information.

Tools to offer free Wi-Fi

Another point where free Wi-Fi can help your business is in increasing your contact base. To do this, consider requesting a login for consumers, using special tools for that.

Popular options like Linktel, offer identification tools for using free Wi-Fi. They are an excellent alternative to capture and store customer data.

The functionality helps to create a qualified mailing, for the commercial actions of your segment, satisfaction surveys, and birthday promotions, among others.

Facebook, which is considered the largest social network in the world, has a very useful tool for making social Wi-Fi available. With it, it is possible to offer free Wi-Fi through a social payment: Check-in at your restaurant.

This feature will help increase your store’s presence on the social network, reaching your customers’ circles of friends. This is a way to encourage them to visit the restaurant frequented by an acquaintance.

In addition, when saying that it is on site, customers are also invited to enjoy the establishment’s page.

How to set up Wi-Fi with Facebook check-in

Facebook already has more than 127 million active users per month, in Brazil alone.

So it is more than interesting to use your social Wi-Fi tool in your establishment. After all, you will have a good base of future consumers to explore.

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It is very simple to do this, we will teach you step by step:

1. First of all, you need to check if your router model has the function ‘Social Networks’. Facebook itself offers a list of some options, just click here to check it out.

2. Of course, your establishment must have a Facebook Fanpage. If you don’t already have one, you must create one.

3. On the router, activate the Facebook login option. It is worth mentioning that the procedure may vary according to the router model. Check the procedure for the models suggested by Facebook on its support page.

4. With the Wi-Fi configuration panel open, select the page corresponding to your establishment on Facebook. Remember, at this point, you must be logged in as the page administrator.

5. In ‘Access Mode’, choose the option that requires the user to check in.

6. In ‘Session duration’, define the period for which the session must remain active on the Wi-Fi network.

7. In addition, you can make a term of use of the service available to customers who use the network. Check the ‘Optional: to add your own Terms of Service’ alternative and this mandatory step.

8. Finally, click on ‘Save settings’ and finish setting up your social Wi-Fi with Facebook.

See how simple it is? Your customers will be able to enjoy an internet connection inside your establishment, while you get to know them better. Everyone wins with this action!

Use the free Wi-Fi network in favor of your establishment

In summary, there are many advantages to having a quality Wi-Fi network in an establishment. A classic example is the Starbucks coffee chain.

Its stores are known worldwide, not only for their coffee, but as a meeting point for work and study meetings. Its pleasant environment and the always available social Wi-Fi are attractive to customers.

That is, it is expected that any place will offer a connection to its customers, right? So, as a differential, worry about the quality of yours.

Therefore, avoid instabilities, slow internet and oscillations. In this way, you will win the trust and preference of your audience.

As we mentioned here, a simple way to do this is to set up your social Wi-Fi with a company that specializes in IT support.

Use Wi-Fi to win over customers

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