Idiotest Host: (READ FIRST) Net Worth

Hello, you will agree with me if I say the Idiotest show is a very funny one.

However, …

Most people that watches this show don’t know some of the important things they should know about the show.

Or how would you feel you know more than the name of the idiotest host?

It gives you an edge above the other people in the audience or at home.

That is what you will learn today.

The thing that will give you an edge above the other lovers of the show.

You will not only know the name of the idiotest host and his net worth, you will understand why brainteasers are so challenging for contestant, and whether the host knows the answers to the questions or not.

Let’s get started.

What Is the Name of Idiotest Host?

His name is Ben Gleib

Idiotest Host

Ben Gleib Net Worth

Here is it:

Ben Gleib net worth is $2 million.

Ben Gleib was born in California, Los Angeles to be precise in the year 1978. He is not just a comedian, Ben also acts and writes.

The name of the idiotest host and his net worth are just a tip of the iceberg in what you can know about the show.

Do you have the right answer why idiotest brain teasers are so challenging for the contestants?

Check it out…

Why Is Idiotest Brainteasers Challenging to Contestants


If I am to borrow a sentence from Ben Gleib to answer the question it will be:

‘Those people are stupid’ LOL. That is the main reason. You will agree with me if you watch the show right from when it started. Other things that makes the brainteasers challenging when you are a contestant are:

  1. The way Ben makes fun of the contestants which is my favorite part of the show.
  2. Some people feel pressure when they are live on television.
  3. The brainteasers can be too clever.
  4. And the money that is involve.
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All of that combined together can be freak most people – including you.

The idiotest host makes the program fun to watch for the viewers at home or in the audience and he makes it a bit challenging to play on TV.

You will surely have fun playing the brainteasers at home where Ben Gleib isn’t there to make fun of you.

This reminds me of a funny experience I had with killing a snake.

My Experience with a Challenging Situation

This is how it happened:

When I was in high school, most of my friends regard me as the best fighter in my class because of some fights I luckily won.

This praise later turned to what I believed myself. But something happened that changed the whole thing.

On one bright Saturday morning, we were playing football and someone played the ball into a nearby bush. That same person went after the ball to pick it back to play, he couldn’t pick the ball because he saw a snake and ran back shouting.

The snake was under the ball when me and my friends got there.

One of us was with a cutlass but he was too afraid to strike the snake, then I heard someone tell the others to pass the cutlass to me.

I collected the cutlass then find out that I can do nothing and the snake ran away.

This was a mixture of surprise and laughter for my friends.

And I still laugh whenever I remember that incident.

So what’s the moral of the story?

If you are at home watching Ben Gleib’s Idiotest show, don’t compare yourself with the contestants on the show.

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It is a completely different world.

The next question is whether the Ben Gleib knows the answers to the brain puzzles before the show or not.

Go on.

Does The Idiotest Host Previews the Question Before the Show

This’s the truth:

Ben Gleib is not just a host; he is also a producer on the show. He helps in creating the test.

And that means he definitely knows the answers to the games.

Now, let’s finish it off with some frequently asked questions about the Idiotest game show.

Shall we?

Is idiotest cancelled?

No, it is not cancelled it was renewed.

When did idiotest start?

Idiotest first episode came out on the 12th August 2014

Number of seasons

Idiotest is at season 4 as of the time of writing this post

In recap:

You now know the name of the idiotest host, you know his net worth. Also you know when the idiotest started and whether it is cancelled or not, the date it started and its number of seasons.

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