iPhone Passcode Change Prompt – Cause and Solution

Hello reader, welcome to PCMOMENT.COM. today, you’ll be learning about iPhone passcode change prompt. What it is, why it occurs and most importantly, how you can get rid of it.

You will admit that this prompt is strange. Given the fact that it comes with a sixty-minute countdown with a header that says passcode requirement.

Before you read how to get rid of the prompt, it better to know the cause of it. So let’s get started.

Why You See iPhone Passcode Prompt On Your Phone

As you might have guessed, if this is not a hacking attemptaimed at you, definitely, there will be a good reason why the prompt is showingon your phone.

1.    The first thing that can cause the iPhone passcode change prompt is when you don’t have a six-digit unlock code on your phone. You can fix that by setting up a six-digit code.

2.    Another cause of the prompt could be a result of using the common six-digit code on the phone. What you just need to do is set up a more difficult to guess.

3.    There is service that Apple gives to iPhone users that uses their phone for business. It is called Mobile Device Management, MDM. It provides more security to mobile phones so as to prevent any data leak.

4.    In iOS 10,configuration profile too can cause iPhone passcode change prompt. However, youcan disable this profile by going to Setting > General > Profile. You candelete the profile at your wish.

iPhone Passcode Change Prompt – Why It Is Coming from Apple

The development of mobile technology has been a gradual one. We have moved from big size mobile devices to small and portable ones. And in addition, the hope we had on the internet has come to reality. All of that has made life and work more convenient than they were some time ago. Below are some of the security reasons why you see iPhone security passcode prompt on your phone.

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Reason #1

With the increment in ease and provision of internet, thereis the increase in the data we generate day in day out. Also, there is theincrease in the data we share both personal data and work-related data. We allknow about this and the criminals too.

You can see why mobile devices are a strong target to cyber-attacks. The risk is even higher in the workplace where many companies and firms tell their staff to use personal devices to work under the umbrella of ‘bring your own device’, BYOD.

This is not an easy problem for IT professionals, it calls for proper management and good security for data. But in the other way round, it is another way for bad minds to do their work.

Reason #2

Cybercrime that is related to mobile devices has increased significantly in the last two years. Many cyber-attacks with different names have come and gone. And there is no sign that such attacks are going down. These have resulted in the loss of money and data.

Losing your privacy can be more disheartening than that losing your money at times. For example, Apple stores iPhone user’s data on iCloud and you can imagine how many user’s data that will be there. Look at how bad it will be for Apple and the users if there is a successful attack on the iCloud.

It is a very big blow to someone’s privacy when people begin to see and share your private pictures on social media sites. Attackers can even use it to blackmail their victim.

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Reason #3

There have been two main ways in which attackers get access to user’s data on mobile devices. Through physical means and when data leak from app developers. These two ways have not changed but the damage caused through these ways have changed.

In today’s world, we have our data everywhere. Think aboutthe amount of user’s data in the health or finance industry. It is enormous andany leak will cause big damage.

This is a thing of joy to attackers. Because they know if anattack is successful, it will yield big bucks for them. They can sell the data,and also do more than that with the data because these data are linked to otherservices.

Reason #4

In the name of fighting insecurity, some organizations have stopped their staff from using personal iPhone and other mobile devices to work. While other organizations believe that the BYOD concept but add some security features in place for it. This has caused a challenge in the business for the right policy to adopt.

Reason #5

Some organizations prefer to restrict certain access on the organization’s internet as form security. Experts support such policy but warn that staff of such organization needs to be aware. If everything goes the way they should, such policy will be a good part of the organization’s culture.

Cybercrimes are getting difficult for cybersecurity experts to tackle. And there is a need to think ahead of the criminals. As a user, you need to follow good security acts like setting secure passwords, being aware of links you click on, and many more. Apple knew about this that is why you have iPhone passcode change prompt.

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What To Do When You See iPhone Passcode Change Prompt on Your Phone

You only have to options when you see this, you can either tap Later or Continue. If you choose Later, it reappears in a moment. And if you are like most people, you will not want to click continue because of two reasons.


You don’t know what to do after you tap continue.


You might be afraid that it is a hacking attempt aimed at your phone.

As I have written above, this attempt is strange. So, many users think it is a phishing attempt at first.

How To Stop iPhone Passcode Change Prompt Permanently

There are two simple steps to stop this prompt from appearing on your phone.


Unlock the phone using your phone unlock code.


When the prompt box appears, tap on continue and give a six-digit passcode. You will have to retype the passcode to serve as confirmation.

iPhone Passcode Change prompt

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