Is Remote IT Support Worth It Financially?

It is almost redundant to emphasize how important technology is for a company. 

Having a trained IT team or a reliable partner, who is always available to solve your business problems, and who mainly understands your demands is essential and will certainly make all the difference in your results.

IT may not be part of the core business of a business, but, for the organization’s main activity to be performed, it offers all support and resources: computer purchase, software maintenance, telephony, internet configuration, among other things.

Imagine, for example, an accounting. Its main business is to control the equity of an entity. 

But for that, it depends on specific systems, making numerous calls to its customers, storing files on a network, and so on.

In other words, do you understand that without technological resources, it is impossible to accomplish what you propose to your customers?

However, small and medium-sized companies, with some exceptions, do not usually have an IT team dedicated exclusively to them. 

The main reason? Costs! Following the previous example, it is normal that, when opening an accounting, the owner should worry about hiring the best accountants, right?

In this scenario, it is necessary to look for more economical solutions related to technology, since, bearing the costs of yet another CLT contract, may become unfeasible for a business that is still leveraging.

Looking for an alternative outsourced service, in situations like this, ends up being the best choice for companies. 

This is because they guarantee quality in the processes and also professionals trained to solve open calls.

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How can remote support help?

A growing trend in the technology market is remote IT support – in other words, not face-to-face – which emerges as a fast, effective and affordable solution with the potential to help alleviate small business IT problems.

The 2015 GEM (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor) survey, which in Brazil has the technical support of Sebrae (Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service), revealed that 52 million Brazilians were involved in the creation or management of an internship business initial or established.

Figures like this show how significant small and medium businesses are to the country, and that they also need solutions tailored to their needs.

Especially in the technology area, since, as disclosed by ABES (Brazilian Association of Software Companies), in its study on the Brazilian Software and Services Market, 80% of the IT market in 2015 was still dedicated to offering solutions for large companies.

Seeing the need for these companies, solutions like the ones offered by NetSupport emerge. 

In this business model, it is possible to receive support in a matter of minutes, through a network of specialized technicians, the Supporters.

If your company needs more straightforward solutions, such as restoring a Wi-Fi network or configuring new software, it is possible to subscribe to a monthly plan only for long-distance calls, in which the technician accesses your machine regardless of location.

A small business, which has seven computers on its network, and opts for this type of service, would spend less than R $ 100 per month, without any kind of loyalty. 

While in a traditional IT consultancy, a plan to solve the same problems would cost an average of R $ 500.

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Despite having the benefit of offering face-to-face support, the classic outsourced IT model is at a disadvantage in the cost-benefit comparison, with a service of five times higher value and quality comparable to the remote.

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