Kartra Review – Is It a Good Tool?

The use of sales funnels has become a widespread and preferred approach by online businessmen in attracting and reaching out to potential customers. It is a process that a client would undergo to secure a decision concerning a product buy-out or offer. Many sales funnel builders exist today to assist anyone in placing their marketing tactics into play.

Kartra as an Effective Sales Funnel Builder

Kartra has made quite a buzz for it is developing itself as a major competitor with Clickfunnels–a known sales funnels builder. Kartra is built and designed to cater to the needs of online business endeavors. It could be used by a sales person that wants to make their original sales funnels to launch and tend to their digital products.

The software application of Kartra functions as a sales funnels builder, page builder, and a marketing automation platform specially innovated for online businessmen. Several digital entrepreneurs looking for affordable methods ask questions about how much does kartra cost and if it could fit within their allotted budget. Kartra is well-known for its effective collection of tools used with the creation of landing pages containing original marketing content.

Kartra can serve anyone with its automated marketing platform. It consolidates the created landing page, sales page, online courses, membership sites, email systems, and payment services. Kartra differs itself from other sales funnel builders for it takes the ‘whole-package approach’.

For Whom is Kartra Best Used?

Kartra is an all-around universal tool in the field of online sales funnels building. The platform of Kartra would cater well towards people who are interested and are newbies when it comes to the realm of online business marketing. It would offer them flexible tools and templates prepared to be used by people willing to learn.

The all-in-one fully automated software can be picked-up for use by individuals that have an existing set of tools that are not meshing well with each other. Some tools offered online are quite expensive but do not even run properly or suit the business they perform in. Kartra resolves these difficulties with its whole package.

Kartra could also assist entrepreneurs who are on a budget. It gives them all the necessary functions without hiring a whole new team to upgrade a business endeavor. It is for individuals searching for ways to reduce the time spent in repairing software issues, and alot time for other priorities on their list.

Kartra is a commendable choice for marketers looking for alternatives apart from other popular platforms that did not meet their preferences.  

Does Kartra have an Exclusive App?

Kartra is a page building application that is a collection of important tools that can be used to run and manage any online business. It comes with an application that lets you set-up your own sales funnels with its editor. Kartra application as a page builder provides you a versatile set of elements that you could use and mix as you desire for your own webpage and content.

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The Features of Kartra

Kartra is specifically designed for both newbies and seasoned tech users working to build up a career with online sales marketing, sales funnels, and launching their own digital products and services. Novice users will appreciate how Kartra is an easy to use platform with its prepared templates and witty drag and drop creative interface. People with experience and knowledge with these types of tech would enjoy experimenting with advanced, customizable, and elaborate sales funnels.

  1. Sales Funnels Builder 

Kartra’s funnel builder let’s a user drag and drop objects and elements into a blank creator’s interface. This allows for anyone to build sales funnels quickly with ease. Kartra gives the necessary tools to list the required sequence in order to make a good sales funnel.

The sales funnel builder of Kartra comes with hundreds of pre-made templates that are suitable for the creation of any type of page you can think about. The templates range from classic or old-school towards modern layout versions. They can all be imported quickly and easily for immediate utilization.

  1. Split Testing

The process of split testing landing pages is a popular phenomenon right to this day. Kartra’s Split Testing feature lets its user create two variations of a landing page which can randomly be shown or previewed by browsers. Kartra uses an optimized split testing capability that has the power to be flexible in editing several landing page elements.

  1. Email Marketing

Inside Kartra, a person can create email advertisements, campaigns, and broadcasts. Broadcasts are a singular email sent out and could be listed as a part of Kartra’s email list for automation. A Kartra user can save any completed template to get the consistent, uniform, and professional look with the emails that you send. 

  1. Kartra Landing Pages

Landing pages created with Kartra are organized by category. This method lets a user quickly access any page created for revisions and improvements. Kartra makes it possible to make categories based on the type of landing page it refers to. 

  1. Products and Carts

Kartra has a built-in shopping cart feature. This lets a user choose between two options shown to them. It is either to create a new product or the upsell or downsell of an item. The object would then be previewed based upon the choice that you made.

  1. Affiliate Portal
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Kartra’s shopping cart feature would get a boost with user experience when combined with its affiliate portal. Whenever a fresh product is designed, the affiliate portal allows the customers to promote its potential. These affiliates are given with a customized URL that adds a tracking code.

  1. Courses and Memberships

Courses and Memberships can be managed with Kartra with its membership portal management system. It functions to deliver desirable courses and memberships. People can access memberships with Kartra either with full access or a set of modules given in sequence.

  1. Analytics

Kartra lets a business owner track their customer’s transition with a created sales funnel. It gives information since a client’s first point of entry, funnels, email sequences, courses, memberships, and the products they have purchased. Kartra offers analytics that deals with open rates, click-through rates, video views, and overall sales.

  1. Marketing Campaigns

Kartra gives its users a choice to strategize and craft marketing campaigns from the ground up. It would only require an individual’s technical skills. The platform then contains pre-handy campaign templates.

There are a variety of campaigns to choose from as each of them focuses on a different objective. Each type contains a detailed walkthrough to assist its users. Upon completion and importing, the concise strategic method will be implemented towards a user’s Kartra account and will include all email sequences, product sales funnels, advanced automation, and other components involved.

  1.  Broadcasting

Kartra’s broadcasting allows the wide scale distribution of emails. It can even be used to send messages via SMS if necessary for business pursuits. Broadcasting enables a Kartra subscriber to massively promote their products.

  1.  Automation

Kartra has an automation workflow builder also known as the sequence builder. It is responsible for providing a set of tools with the automation of routine processes into workflows. This makes the sequencing of multi-step tasks and methods quite easy.

  1. Payments

Kartra lets you create a wide range of products that suits any product type or designation. Each time a user makes a product, the payment processing method can be added along with it. This results in a fast set-up concerning products and payment services.

Advantages of Kartra

Kartra, known as a versatile and automated business marketing platform, combines many tools to assist any individual interested in creating their own sales funnels. Kartra has the advantage of being a cloud-based software. All that is required is a stable internet connection to access all of its wonderful features.

  • System:
    • System features are collected and confined in one place.
    • Ease of access for tools.
  • Tracking
    • Monitor a Customer’s journey through their: 
      • Point of entry
      • Funnel Movement
      • Email sequences
      • Product sign-up 
      • Courses
      • Memberships
    • Easier tracking of marketing goals with the systematic use of: 
      • Opt-in forms 
      • Landing pages
      • Courses
      • Videos  
      • Payments 
  • Cloud Storage
    • Kartra is a cloud-based software.
    • All creations are saved within the cloud.
    • Data can be extracted via the cloud.
    • Editing landing page elements are made easier.
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Best Ways to Make Money with Kartra

Karta is an excellent all-in-one software. It is primarily designed for digital entrepreneurs, both newbies and experienced individuals alike. Kartra can be used to boost income and help with business growth.

  1. Selling an Interactive Course

The distribution of knowledge is widespread these days with a stable internet connection. A person can take advantage of this and use Kartra to distribute important knowledge and skill sets towards people that are seeking for valuable information. An entrepreneur can build a course and market it with Kartra’s toolsets.

  1. Services

Using Kartra, services can be sold by promoting or showcasing an individual’s talents and skill sets. These can be services that focus more on technical issues such as:

  • Copywriting
  • Content Innovation
  • SEO
  • Advertising
  • Talent Acquisition
  1. Kartra’s Affiliate Program

A person having difficulties in searching for items to market can use Kartra as their product. Its affiliate program makes this possible as it contributes to promote and sell Kartra with the enlistment of a person’s willingness to earn a commision. The affiliate program also makes an original product possible to be promoted with third party clients.

  1. Dropshipping

Dropshipping can be accomplished with Kartra. It is the purchasing of a product at an affordable price and selling them with additional amounts. Dropshipping is the method of extracting a product from your supplier and directly shipping it to a customer without the need for inventory.

  1. Drop Servicing

It is the process of selling services with Kartra but gaining them from another source. They could be acquired at an affordable price with freelance marketplaces. Drop servicing also covers the selling and promotion of businesses with unique services at their disposal.


Kartra differs itself from other sales funnels builders since it offers its customers a singular package of creative tools. It organizes landing pages, sales pages, online courses, membership sites, email sequences, and payments. Kartra lets a business owner keep track of their customer’s journey to be able to assist them and make necessary service offers. 

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