Levitation Cane Trick Revealed

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Levitation Cane Trick Revealed

On the other hand, if a progressive accumulation of objective elements, of proven untruths, is formed, mastering a sudden revelation will become a puzzling puzzle for the writer.

But until this revelation, such as the hunter who watches for his prey, controlling his breathing before slaughtering it, it is advisable to remain calm. In the course of the conversation, the liar can have two impressions:

– total control of the situation, it gobbles (well I think);

– Here, I’m going down.

In both cases, the precept of Sun Tzu remains relevant:

To an encircled enemy must leave a way out. Show him that he has a board of salvation left, and so tell him in his mind that there is a solution other than death. Then, hit.

Let’s never forget that man has the unfortunate habit of classifying people met by the degree of threat they represent: aggressive, neutral or friendly.

This primary tendency, resulting from our animal instinct, involves consequences:

– never show any superiority, on the contrary, be in symmetry with the interlocutor (use of the NLP),

– to provoke an opponent only when the victory is certain.

When I evoked with Jean Pierre Vallarino the character of Patrick Jane, the hero of the television series The Mentalist, and the tranquility, the serenity that emanated from him, he replied:

The assurance of Patrick Jane’s character comes from the fact that he knows the techniques of prestidigitation, cognitive psychology, cold reading, body language, hypnosis, etc. The guy is so quiet. He does not need to add anything. When you end up with four aces in your hand during a game of poker, it changes you morally the individual. But you do not flinch, you stay zen. Like Jane. Jane has four aces in her sleeve, but her targets do not know it.

Levitation Cane Trick Revealed

This serenity, this calm, this restraint confer an objective advantage: they neutralize impatience. In doing so, they focus on studying the body language of the person.

The dance – shy – of the liar: the physical signals

As we saw when introducing this chapter with the concept of micro-expression discovered by Paul Ekman, a careful observation of the subconscious reactions of the interlocutor, an analysis of his body language allows to obtain significant results… A person who is complimenting you, while from time to time turning on the micro-expression of contempt (asymmetrical smile, without expression of the eyes), turns into an open book whose flair is matched only by the bad one. faith. The paradox between micro-expression and pronounced speech will be obvious to any attentive observer, even if the instinctive reaction of the target lasts only a quarter of a second.

If the liar tries to stay relaxed, his movements will be rarer. I remember a TV show made in 2009 on a French television channel devoted to profiling.

Gendarmes who had undergone specialized professional training assisted their colleagues, by means of computers, in the process of auditioning an individual interrogated for the third time in the context of a murder affair. The suspect was standing in front of the investigators, legs, and arms crossed, and the interrogation began badly for the gendarmes: “I have nothing to say to you.

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” (Good start.)

From there, profilers gave the hearing people an observation that was common sense, but that the latter had completely concealed: “He is in a closed position. Relax on. ”

I confess I naively asked why we needed to ask three experts in behavioralism to help gendarmes to draw from arms and legs crossed an inference so basic. Yet they had not noticed and were handicapped by this position of refusal that bothered them in their hearing. As soon as the profilers were observed, they brought a snack to the suspect and changed their tone, showing more favor, taking their time, and little by little the position of the police officer changed.

I conclude that instead, at the expense of the State, and therefore of us, to finance specialist travel, the National Gendarmerie should include somebody language courses in its training program.

Levitation Cane Trick Revealed

Bamako confided to me:

In France, there is nothing of this type, all the young people who land training are totally dropped at this level, and we must learn everything on the job. No notion of the gestural codes of the guys, nothing. They learn on the job, we train them, but it’s long.

Because, nevertheless, it is a constant, an individual locked in a logic of falsity will take less place. His movements will become more mechanical. This reality simply means that the person lying is concentrating his energy on his mind to operate on the lie, which requires efforts of imagination and verbal construction.

The energy that the brain has is limited. If a subject activates one zone, the energy of the other zone decreases proportionally.

The liar will also designate himself the active area. Experiment with it, and you’ll find that the majority of the movements will go instinctively to the face, and especially to the mouth. The contact with the body will be limited to the head.

This index – major – is easy to spot.

To detect gesture codes that tell the lie in peace, an experiment is easily achievable, in addition to everyday life, when 80% of politicians are watching in front of their television.

With some mentalist friends, for the realization of the journal Exortisma, which dealt with a topic of the analysis of the body language, we had created a kind of small “laboratory”.

In turn, we invited a friend, whom we asked a series of questions, telling him that he had the choice to lie or tell the truth, for each of them. We also informed him that we were filming him, using a device he could not detect.

At the time, one of our illusionist gadget suppliers (gimmick), dubbed “Devil”, made books, boxes, camera-ready cigarette packs long before it became fashionable on the Internet. This fun character inhabiting the Côte d’Azur provided many thriving psychics and psychics in this region.

His flagship product was a small coin in which the customer placed a personal item while the medium left the room. After his return and all the required ceremonial, the “clairvoyant” was able to detect what object was in the dark box. A system of LEDs, small LEDs, provided enough light in the box so that a miniature camera and a video receiver mounted by the agile hands of Devil greatly facilitate the task of “the extralucide”. For us, Devil had made a book, slipped between the mentalism books of the library of our lab, which captured all the reactions of the guinea pig.

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Today, you can do the same experiment by purchasing an MP3 camera pen from any specialized website.

Once the twenty questions have been asked to the guinea pig, extend a form where you have noted and ask him to check those to which he lied. Then, check your success rate. The video will allow you, afterward, while idling, to check the reasons for your mistakes, the eye movements of the interlocutor, as well as the presence or absence of revealing micro-expressions when he was lying.

In these experiments, we had highlighted several constants that reproduced almost systematically. One of them is surprising but is true

: the expression of the face, intended to support a saying, as part of a lie, often occurs after the latter.

A person who tries to simulate sadness, for example, will cry most of the time after starting to state the reasons for his / her pain. While logic would command the opposite. Indeed, the rise of emotion is associated with the remembrance of the souf- rance lived, hence the expression

Facial sadness should coincide, or even precede, the statement of purpose.

In the context of a liar, the opposite happens. The emotion will take longer to appear. However, if the liar has the ability to simulate crying, it means that he has some control of acting.

Because most people do not achieve this performance unless they have the technique of feedback provided previously.

On the contrary, a beginner or casual liar will do everything he can to avoid eye contact. Most of the time, he will look away from the eyes of his opponent. In addition, the emotion will be longer at the gestural level than usual. The gestures will not coincide with the words.

And, especially, when an expression is going to come, it will be limited to the mouth and will only rarely contaminate the upper part of the face, in the first place the eyes. It’s enough to convince yourself to seize the first “people’s” newspaper that will fall on hand and watch attentively the radiant smiles of the stars posing in front of the photographers. Apart from those – more and more numerous, I agree – whose facial mobility is greatly diminished by repeated use of Botox, if we believe a British specialist, and whose facial expressions are therefore chemically distorted, the most people posing all smile do not have the primary feature of the micro-expression of joy: the folding of the eyes associated with an oral gesture.

The honest, genuine smile concerns the mouth, but especially the eyes. When a person smiles, the first thing to look at is the upper part of his face, not his lips. In passing, the detection of a “botox” is

also easily possible because generally, the injections are practiced in such a way that the cheeks will be less mobile. The reaction of the cheekbones, in particular, will be rare.

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Dr. Alex Karidis, a British expert in cosmetic surgery, told the Daily Mail columns that “Carla shows all the classic signs that suggest Botox addiction,” http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article – 1258233 / Has-Carla-Bruni-little-help-keeping-appearances.html.

Fortunately for these people, modern filling materials, such as hyaluronic acid, are very well tolerated, and the occurrence of complications such as cysts is rare.

So, to summarize, a non-botoxed but smiling as frankly as a Judas will present a movement in the lower face, to the cheekbones, even at the bottom of the eyes, but there will be no change in his noticeable look (no wrinkling or fizzing due to reactive moistening of the eye).

This is valid for the false smile as for the false anger. The frown is attenuated.

The liar’s dance does not smile true

Last but not least, the deceiver, in the active lie phase, will establish very few physical contacts with his interlocutor. Except in the context of a trained liar, one of the main lessons is based on the establishment of the touch of his target, the handling of kinesthetic data.

The next time you will be approached by an excellent

seller, you will notice it immediately. At one point or another at the exchange, he will touch you. Just like some psychiatrists who practice the anchoring technique by repeating the same closing movement when your consultation ends and they kindly walk you to the door of their closet (a hand on the shoulder, a particular handshake, with wrist grip …).

Fortunately for the medical profession, the motivations underlying this use of touch are not the same in the illustrations I just gave. They are destined to anchor well-being, as for Proust, who, in order to remember his childhood, had taken the habit of eating the same madeleines which he loved in short breeches.

This absence of contact will result in another easily detectable way. The man who lies will not break your sphere of intimacy.

The sphere of intimacy represents a distance of about thirty centimeters between two individuals. It is found in impending physical damage or in romantic situations, for example. But very rarely in matters of lies. On the contrary, a liar will avoid this sphere with caution. The physical contact between him and his victim will be limited to a minimum.

In addition, the liar will physically protect himself by the use of a trailing position, or by placing objects between him and his target.

For example, the individual, whose upper body makes you partly face, yet has legs (crossed, most of the time), directed outward. In a cafe, towards the exit. Hence the interest of always keeping a close eye on the position of the lower body of the suspect. You can drop an object, the

pick up, and so capture this information.

As we have seen, careful observation of nonverbal behavior makes it possible to detect the lie with a significant probability of success.

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