Now Increase Your Company’s Wi-Fi Speed!

Which company today does not have a Wi-Fi network? 

It is not a secret that Wi-Fi is an indispensable resource for any business.

Providing a quality Wi-Fi connection for employees and visitors has become a necessity. 

A faster wireless network makes all the difference in anyone’s work routine.

In order to help increase the speed of your business’s Wi-Fi connection, we have organized separate valuable tips just for you. 

Take advantage of this post and learn some of the main tricks from professional experts on the subject.

Why Is Wi-Fi So Important?

One of the reasons for the importance of the Wi-Fi network is the fact that the majority of internet accesses are made through mobile devices. 

Information from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), reveal interesting data on the subject.

According to the IBGE, in 2015, 92.1% of internet accesses in the country started to be made through mobile devices. 

Cell phones, tablets and the like depend exclusively on wireless connections, such as 3G, 4G, and of course, Wi-Fi.

In companies, their role is also essential

The modernization of the offices brought changes that benefited the use of Wi-Fi.

Cloud technologies are a good example. 

As they allow data access through any device, they eliminated the need for fixed stations and wired networks. 

The more flexible routines and the possibility of remote work also influence this scenario.

What To Consider When Setting Up Wi-Fi?

A few simple actions can help increase your connection speed.

When purchasing a router, for example, be sure to check the qualifications of the selected equipment. 

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Make sure that it will be able to meet the needs of your business.

The choice and contracting of broadband also play an essential role. 

It won’t do any good to have cutting-edge equipment if the chosen internet plan is not adequate.

The placement of the router is another important factor. It must be installed in a wide location, to guarantee the coverage and fluidity of the network.

Observe the structure of the building or office. Take into consideration your partitions, number of rooms and environments. The fewer walls, the better.

Can I use a home router in my company?

Its use is not totally prohibited, but, even so, it is not recommended.

It is always worth noting that the home and corporate environments have different needs. In the case of a company with up to 10 computers, the use of a home router may be studied.

Being able to use it until you can. However, it will not have the same efficiency and features that a professional router will have, such as bandwidth control, for example.

In addition, also consider the extra security settings that corporate equipment can add to your business.

Infallible tips to increase the speed of your Wi-Fi network

Although simple, these guidelines will help your business use the full capacity of your wireless network.

Position the router correctly

This is a point worth emphasizing. The positioning of the device radically influences the range of the network. Install the router in a comprehensive location. In fact, feel free to reposition it when you find it necessary;

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Use access points

Signal repeaters or access points are an excellent way to replicate the signal from a central router.

These devices prevent many people from being connected to a single device at the same time. They can help prevent drops in the connection, in addition to offering more speed to the internet;

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