Online JSON Formatter: Top 4 Amazing Ones

In this post, I am going to show you the best online JSON formatter you will ever find anywhere.

This is the same formatter I have been using for many years now.

So let’s dive right in.

Firstly, check out the best offline JSON formatter in Notepad++ and how to use it.

Everyone wants to read all the objects in a JSON file. Maybe not every time but having the file in a good format is something you want.

Online JSON Formatter

How To Use Notepad ++ As JSON Formatter

Notepad ++ is an amazing code editor that has many useful features.

The first step to using JSON formatter on notepad ++ is to install JS Tool plugin.


Open the Notepad ++, click on Plugins menu at the top of the page. Among the options under Plugins is Plugins Manager, click that followed by Show Plugins Manager.

The Plugins Manager window will open.

Now search for JS Tool among the plugins and install it.

Restart the Notepad++ and get ready to use the JSON formatter feature.

The second step, open your JSON file using the Notepad ++.

Now go to Plugins menu, among its options, click on JSTool.

You have got yourself a useful JSON tool to format and do many other useful things.

Among the tools in the JSTool list is the JS Formatter.

That is what you will use to format your JSON file.

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Use Notepad++ To View JSON File In Tree-Mode

You can view the hierarchy arrangement of the objects and values in the JSON file using the JS Viewer in the JSTool Plugin.

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On Notepad++, just open the file and navigate to Plugins menu. Select JSTool and click on the JS Viewer link.

A little window containing the Tree-Mode of the JSON file will open at the left-hand side of the Notepad++ window.  

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Use Notepad++ To View JSON File In Minimize Mode

This too is similar to the above features.

Once you’ve opened your JSON file, go to the Plugins menu and click on JS Tool

And from there click JSMin.

Amazing Online JSON Formatter

Curious Concept


My Secret Online JSON Formatter- Don’t Tell Anyone

I have some programming friends that think online JSON formatter is a joke.

And I don’t seize to tell them this…

You will use JSON at one point or the other in your programming career, even if you are not using your own JSON code, you will use a JSON API.

You can neglect formatting a small JSON file but when it is large, it can be difficult to read.

So a quick formatter that I always recommend to them is the free extension on chrome webstore by it makes JSON easy to read and it is open source.

In conclusion,

You now have the amazing online JSON formatter at your fingertips. Before that, I explained to you how to use the formatter in Notepad ++.

The tips in this post will help if you can put them to use.

Kindly share this post with your programming friends.

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