Outsourcing IT Can Increase Productivity

Using third party services is a very common practice in almost all companies, regardless of their size. IT outsourcing is gaining ground in Brazil and worldwide.

There is no doubt that outsourcing can bring numerous benefits to the business. But in order for this to happen correctly, it is essential to look for a reliable partner.

Attention when choosing an IT outsourcing company

He must guarantee safe working conditions for his employees and have a consolidated reputation in the market.

These actions avoid possible problems for your company in both the operational and the legal areas.

The IT market is constantly updating. In recent years, it has become increasingly accessible to small and medium-sized businesses.

Cloud computing is an example of this. It has enabled companies of all sizes to have access to high performance servers and storage solutions.

And in addition, paying only for what you really need. What used to be the exclusive benefit of large corporations, with sufficient purchasing power to afford sophisticated structures.

In this scenario, the maintenance of equipment becomes less recurrent. Especially for companies that do not have a focus on technology.

Like, for example, a doctor’s office, where there is no need to have a team dedicated exclusively to the IT area. In cases like this, outsourcing is a much more advantageous option.

The advantages of IT outsourcing in your company

According to a study carried out in 2015 by the Regional Center for Studies for the Development of the Information Society ( Cetic Brasil ), 54% of the companies covered in the survey used third party services for their infrastructure area.

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If we take into account the advantages of IT outsourcing and the fact that the market is very divided and competitive, we can expect this percentage to grow.

So, check out some points that can help you decide if this is really the best option for your company.

Cost-effective IT Outsourcing

Totally or partially outsourcing your IT department guarantees access to qualified and experienced professionals.

However, for a relatively lower cost. Generally, the agreement is established through a contract, excluding charges that accompany a contract via CLT.

Focus on the solution

Hiring a company to manage the IT area of the business also means making processes more agile.

The IT outsourcing  can help eliminate some bureaucratic procedures needed when it chooses to have an internal team.

As they work exclusively for IT functions , consulting and specialized support companies tend to automate solutions to obtain more objective results.

In addition to also working with preventive actions, to diagnose problems in advance.

Goals and Results

Set goals to be achieved with your partner. Work with constant improvements in your IT area .

Preparing a plan will help the client and the service provider to follow the fruits of the partnership. In addition, it also helps to identify the points that need improvement.

Understand a little better about which metrics you should monitor in the IT area.

Flexibility of IT Outsourcing

Nothing prevents the company from choosing to work on a hybrid model between internal and outsourced staff.

Internally, the company’s concern will be to hire an employee who has the necessary skills to manage the IT area .

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In the meantime, third-party services can be useful to put the operation into practice.

Hypothetically, we can imagine the case of a chain of food franchises. A manager, hired by the company, could be responsible for leading the team of outsourced technicians .

These technicians would work on solving field problems in restaurants. Examples of these problems: Computer crashes, internet crashes or connection problems with card devices.


IT outsourcing can help a lot in improving your productivity to generate great results. It acts exactly where you or your company has a problem.

It does not create idleness, a very common problem in the IT area, which results in the saving of your precious money.

Therefore, IT outsourcing has many benefits when it comes to productivity.

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