Scripted Diagnostics Native Host: WHAT IS IT?

Scripted diagnostics native host is very simple to fix. You just need to follow the easy steps I lay down below. The steps are simple and they work all the time. Just have a clear mind.

Step1: Launch your Registry editor page.

There are many ways to get to regedit page. You might only know a few if you are not a computer geek, I will share with you a quick way but you are very free to use you own way.

Press the windows key and R key together –  to launch the Run box.

Then type Regedit into the box. This simple step will give you the page similar to the picture below.

Scripted diagnostics native host

Step2: Navigate to the Windows Script Host settings section.

Expand the HKEY_CURRENT_USER folder, then expand the SOFTWARE folder like below.

Scripted diagnostics native host

In the SOFTWARE folder you will expand Microsoft folder followed by Windows Script Host folder.

You will see Settings folder there, just click on it. Double click the second item on the right hand side of the screen.

Change its value data to 1 and click OK. Check to see if the scripted diagnostics native host is still on your computer. I am very sure that your computer will be free from this error.

A note of caution:

Be very careful when you manipulate the contents in the registry editor page. A simple mistake can render your computer useless until you re-install Windows operating on it.

Another tip here:

Always restart your computer after you perform a task like this. In addition to that, restarting the computer can fix a lot of computer issues, and I mean aalloott.

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Several times, a simple restart has been my go to action to fix a problem. After many experience of trying to fix a computer and fail, I later resorted to restart any faulty computer before I even try to take any big troubleshooting action.

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