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I couldnt believe how large the online fans and players of Sissel Ghost Trick is. It gives me a sense of joy actually, and I know you feel the same too.

I can not resist reading and writing more on this.

You will learn many interesting info about Sissel Ghost Trick today, please read on.

Sissel Ghost Trick

What is Sissel, what is Ghost Trick and why Sissel Ghost Trick. After this, you will explore the concept and creation of Sissel and the game.

Sissel (Shiseru) is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Nintendo DS videogame Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective.

When you start the game as the ghost of an amnesiac, you must find out what caused your death before dawn, and your soul will disappear forever, just with your ability, as a poltergeist, to move objects.

Critics called him a well-written and related character.

Performances Of Sissel Ghost Trick

The first appearance of Sissel was in the videogame Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, where he is an amnesiac ghost that is trying to recover his memories. Initially, he sees a woman detained at gunpoint, a murderer with a man’s corpse in red, among whom Sissel considers him his own.

A few minutes after the shoot, she meets a ghost who lives in a lamp and calls herself “Ray of light”, who convinces Sissel to help her and says she will help her. restore your memories Ray teaches him how to use his “ghostly acrobatics,” which include the ability to manipulate objects and the ability to rewind time four minutes before a person dies, to reverse it. In addition, Ray warns Sissel that his soul will disappear at dawn.

As a result, he saves the girl and kills the man, having learned that her name is Lynn. He learns that she is investigating something important and joins her, and Sissel trusts her for his honesty.

Throughout the game, Sissel saves several people, including a girl named Camila, who was tied up, a dog named Rocket and Lynn, who died several times. Sissel finally discovers that Lynn, apparently, was the one who killed him.

Concept and creation of Sissel Ghost Trick

Sissel was developed by Shu Takumi, who also developed the game Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, in which he plays the lead roles. He is tall and thin, with fair skin and blond hair.

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His outfit consists of black sunglasses, red pants, a red jacket, a black T-shirt, a white tie, a white belt and a pair of white shoes.

Sissel became a ghost due to Takumi’s desire to create a game in which the main character could interact more and control other characters.

“Unlike people,” says Takumi, “a ghost can interact with everything around it.” Takumi specially designed Sissel so that she could not own people, since it would be “uninteresting”; instead, he gave Sissel the ability to control objects, since it would be too easy to control people.

He adds that with this ability, Sissel could see the “enigmas, lives, enigmas and challenges” of the characters. Since Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective concentrates on trying to restore Sissel’s memory, all aspects of the character are secretly intended for players. Before they decided to turn him into a detective, the game was called Ghost Spy, where he acted as a spy.

Ghost Trick Characters

Who are Sissel, Yomel, Dzhode, Roy, Memri and Kabanela? And what role do each of these ghost characters play? Keep reading while I open the curtain of each of them.

Sissel: the main character of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, as well as the character that controls the player. Sissel is best known for his spiky yellow hair that stands up. His hair is very similar to the spirits of people who have just died.

Yomil is one of the main heroes of Ghost Trick: The Phantom Detective. He is the true master of the body, which Sissel abuses in its ghostly form. Ten years before the start of the game, Yomel was a high-level systems engineer and, according to him, one of the best in the industry.

Lynn – the main character Ghost Trick: Ghost Detective. She is one of the first characters with whom Sissel, and the first who saved from death. Although Lynn dies several times during the game, she is still quite optimistic.

Jod is a detective and Camila’s father. He is the main reason for Lynn’s inspiration to be a detective. Ten years ago, Jod was in the park looking for the escaped Yomel suspect. His inexperience as a detective caused him to fire a warning shot, intimidated by Yomel, who detained a young hostage of Lynn at gunpoint.

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The rocket is the Pomeranian Spitz, owned by Camille, one of the main characters in “The Ghost Trick: The Phantom Detective.” In general, he seems overly enthusiastic, which makes him bark at almost everything that moves.

Ray, the ghost of a ghostly trick: a ghostly detective. It takes the shape of a desk lamp and serves as Sissel’s mentor throughout the game. Ray is a twelve year old Rocket with the first chronology of the game.

Kabanela – inspector and head of special investigations during the game. It is characterized by a strange inclusion of dance in its movements and speech, which is sometimes accompanied by an expansion of vowel sounds (I. E. Buuuuuu).

Memri is a character from Ghostly Trick: Ghost Detective. She works at Chicken Kitchen as a waitress serving customers with chicken and drinking water. Later, Sissel and Lynn witnessed the death of Detective Rinji in 4 minutes, and it turned out that Memry was an undercover agent.

Ghost Trick Phantom Detective Pc

Challenges are often the last resort for the loser, but the protagonist of Ghostly Trick: the ghost detective has a lot to worry about during the first three minutes of the game: a dead man in a landfill for unknown reasons, absolutely no memory to indicate it .


Interesting story, great animation, good dialogue, this is really fun.


Some levels include more expectations than shame, the cuts are irreversible, the story is preached near the end


Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is an extravagant adventure puzzle from the light of Capcom Shu Takumi, who has a charming sense of humor and a unique gameplay approach, although sometimes disappoints.

Fortunately, Sissel (who also does not remember his real name) has the mystical power to call “repetition” in such a way that he returns four minutes before the death of a person.

Using the magical powers of the “ghostly trick” in the past, he can manipulate and manipulate objects in a way that compensates for the chain of events leading to the premature end of a person.

The only problem is that he can not use his own magic in himself, and almost everyone who comes in contact during the game is dead at one time or another because of the great mystery that finally lies at the base of his own life. of death.

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Fortunately, there are only three puzzles in the game that pull your hair, where you can be furious (remember to save before doing this, omitting scenes is not an option), and if the puzzle caught you, I liked it.

I’ll stay until you find them. The conclusion of the plot for you may not be what you saw (I did not), but the satisfaction of arriving cancels all the strands of hair that you removed on the way, solving the most difficult puzzles.

Questions about Sissel in Ending And Beginning

Is he alive or dead like Yomel? All I see is that he was lethargic, and now he has no age.

In addition to the confirmed absence of aging, even for us it seems identical to the day of the incident, but the worldview of the ghosts shows Sissel as a ghost, his body as “dead” and the radiation of a meteorite emanating from him. The fragment of meteor that would have been placed in Yomel probably ended in it, probably because it was right next to Jude’s leg for some time, probably the legs were not enough to stop the meteor fragment, and it was superior to him, Penetro Sisselle

In the center of Sissel’s body there is a “ghostly” blue flame, which also emits meteorite radiation. That was the ghost world of Yomel, at least in some scenes.

Remember when a meteor hit Judah in the park when you used Mino’s letter? It went through his leg. What was standing next to him at that moment? Sissel

He was beaten and became immortal, but unlike Yomel before him, Sissel did not spend those 10 years alone, so he did not get bitter.

Whoa, whoa, who says that Sissel was a cat?

Since Sissel is a feminine name in real life, this is the feminine form of Cecil, and she wears a ribbon that is a very feminine accessory, even for a cat, it is more likely that she is not a woman.

Not to mention that Yomel called Sissel his girlfriend, which would be a bit strange if Sissel were a cat.

Again, the lack of male / female descriptors in Japanese makes it difficult to find things, sometimes without context.

In the English version, Jude calls Sissel “him”. I just think this is a minor oversight, and it would be much more sensible if Sissel’s cat were a female.

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