The Effect Of Investing In IT For The Growth Of SMEs

Investment in IT resources in SMEs is a factor that directly contributes to their success.

The role of the IT industry should never be limited to solving just daily problems. 

Don’t make the mistake of thinking your IT area only when you lose your internet connection.

The small and medium business should see the IT department as a partner in the innovation of its processes. 

Technology can help you simplify your work and still make SMEs much more profitable. 

Take advantage of this article to reflect on the impact that technology investment can have on your business.

Safety first

Approximately 59% of cyber-attacks, recorded in the US and the Brazilian state of São Paulo, is primarily targeted at companies’ financial area. 

Among these attacks, more than 60% were aimed at small and medium-sized businesses. 

These figures are the result of a survey conducted by FIESP (Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo), in 2015.

Taking this data into account, it is possible to understand how important the IT area should be for companies. 

Never underestimate the skills of hackers, viruses and the danger of their attacks.

According to Gartner, one of the most respected IT research centers, organizations need to optimize their security investments. 

Ideally, 4% to 7% of the IT budget should be applied exclusively on that front. Currently, investment usually varies between 1% and 13%. 

This great difference may indicate flaws in the actions developed by the companies. 

Therefore, it is essential to seek the support of trained professionals to manage the IT area of your business.

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Prevention is important than cure 

It is extremely important to hit that key. Investing in technology means mapping your business, to predict problems before they happen. 

Punctually resolving calls can cause your business to continue losing revenue

For this reason, it is important to establish an action plan that works to minimize the occurrence of IT problems.

Don’t be afraid to innovate   

With smaller teams and the absence of many processes – which tend to be an obstacle to innovation in large companies – SMEs are free to bet on new technologies.

The 10th edition of the survey “The SMEs that grow the most in Brazil”, conducted by Deloitte, in partnership with Revista Exame, reveals this potential. 

The study pointed out that 65% of SMEs invest in constant investment in technology to promote innovation in their processes.

The ease of deploying and using emerging technologies becomes a competitive advantage for small businesses. 

The innovation lies in the opportunity to offer services that stand out from the competition. Stay open to market news.

Strengthened IT area x more productive SMEs

A structured IT area will not help your business save only financially. 

When technological resources work at their full capacity, savings and time optimization will be another major differentiator. 

In addition, investing in IT will help the area itself to develop and make better use of available resources. 

With continuous actions, your IT area will be able to do much more, with fewer resources. 

Provided that investments are allocated in the right way.

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Remember: Virtually all of a company’s information is digitized. 

There are passwords, processes and files stored on your computer network. 

So, do not save resources when protecting this data.

The Effect Of Investing In IT For The Growth Of SMEs

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