What Are Some Tricks To Learn Java Quickly?

It is no more a news that Java is among the top 3 most popular programming languages and many fortune 500 companies use it.
With that, the demand for Java programmers is high and the pay is good.
How rewarding will it be if you can learn Java quickly and efficiently?
You will join the ranks of the most sort after programmers in short space of time.
And you will be on your way to earning good money.
This post will show some of the tricks you can use to learn Java quickly.

What Are Some Tricks To Learn Java Quickly – Intro

Before we get to the sweet spot of the answer to the big question, what are some tricks to learn Java quickly?
Please answer this small question.
What is the easiest way to learn the English language?
Is it to read through an English dictionary and memorize all the words?
I’m sure you will say no because the easiest way to learn a human language is to listen to the speakers of that language and practice what you hear.
By the way, movies are one of the popular ways non-English speakers use to learn English.
How does this relate to Java?
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You can’t be a good Java programmer by just reading Java books.
You become a good programmer with practice. My teacher does say that programming is like a martial art, the more you practice the better you become.
Another reason to aim at practice rather than reading is: practice maintains willpower.
Now you want to learn Java may be because of a job you want to apply for, or you need to use it as your first language to enter the world of programming, whatever your reason is…
Your willpower to take the language will most likely be going down as you learn.
That is why most people give up before even creating their first project.
Practice will strengthen your willpower because you will see the result soon and this will enhance your motivation to move forward.
Now that you know that practicing is the fuel to take your programming vehicle to the next level…
Lest go the main part of the discussion.

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Read A Novel

You might ask: what does a novel have to do with programming?
Yes, you read it right, read a novel. But not just a novel.
You are going to pick one of the best books (one) use to learn Java and read as many pages as you can for seven days.
That sounds like an herbalist trying to explain how to use a spiritual medicine or black magic to someone.
After all, I just explained above that practicing is all that is needed to learn computer programming quickly.
I will explain.
You need to read a good book just to understand how the language works. And you don’t need to dwell on the book for months.
A week is enough to understand it.
Just binge read the book and that is where the word novel comes in. You can finish a novel in days.
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Learn How To Solve These 15 Math Problems

Learn how you can solve each problem and understand every line of code in the solution.
You can find the solution to each problem and detailed explanation of the code by opening the link below each problem.
A java program that displays a series of numbers continuously and stops whenever the user presses a key on the keyboard.
The program that swaps the value of two variables, program that calculates min and max of a set of values and a program that calculates Fibonacci.
How to sort a set of inputs from the user into ascending and descending order using Java programming?
How to calculate “Raynolds Number” using Java program.
Add some code to the above program that will ask if the user wants to calculate again or exit the program. Learn how to put some Exception Handling into the code.
How to create a scientific calculator using Java language?
How to display values in different formats, justification, and padding.
A program that opens a text file and converts it into HTML.
A java program that converts the computer’s date and time into other formats.
The program that creates adds date and time to the name of files.
How to extract the data in an HTML table and put all the data in another text format?
Java program that extracts a certain alphabet from words in a file and a program that extracts some set of words from a text document.
How to make that your text is wrapped properly.
Know how you can remove and add to an array.
Know all the features that are not supported by Java language.
You will have the needed foundation in Java programming if you pursue all the problems one after the other and you know every detail of each solution.
The next trick is what will turn your basic knowledge into an advance knowledge.
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Do Some Useful Projects

You would have known more about Java programming than most average programmers after completing the first two tricks above.
The next and final trick is to create one or two small projects.
It can be a desktop or web app, or both.
Search for some small apps created in Java and recreate it using your own knowledge.
There might be some libraries involved, you don’t need to recreate those.
Look for the libraries that will make you finish the project asap.
Congratulations, you just finished you first project that is useful to users.
Don’t stop learning. Think of a way to improve your first project.
Are there other features you can include?
Or do you need to improve the user interface?
Just make sure that you don’t stop. Remember what you read above, programming is like a martial art and the more you practice the better you’ll become.
After improving your first project, move to a bigger project and build it.
You will see some new things you need to learn along the way to complete the project. Learn it and continue.
The recap is this….
Get a popular Java book and binge read it like a novel for a week.
The learn how to do the mathematical problems above and finally, create a simple project that will solve a basic problem.
I am very sure that if you follow the tricks explained in this post, you won’t only learn Java programming quickly, you will have good knowledge of the language as well.
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