Unique Free Blog Content Generator: No Copyright Issues

Overview of the process of the free blog content generator method:

You’ll look for 1 or 2 videos on YouTube that explain your keyword and the content of the videos has never appeared on any website or blog. The video must have a good rating which shows that people really like the content in it.

So you’ll get the video, watch it, re-arrange the sections in the video and you type the content.

The tools you will need are:

  1. Common sense
  2. The step by step info in this guide
  3. VidIQ (it is a free Google Chrome Extension)

The following is a step by step illustration of how free blog content generator done.


Go to chrome web store here https://chrome.google.com/webstore/search/vid%20iq

Then add VidIQ to your chrome browser. Just click the Add To Chrome button and follow the installation procedures.

free blog content generator

This extension will tell you the percentage rating of each video on YouTube before you start watching the video.

It is useful because you wouldn’t want to open ten videos and start comparing their rating before you pick the best one. The extension will do that for you.

When that is out of our way, the next thing is to search your keyword on YouTube search bar.


Depending on what you want to write about, search the topic. Let’s say I want to write on how to read and understand.

free blog content generator

After you searched the topic, look at the arrows on the picture. They are pointing to percentage rating of each video.

Anything above 90 is good.

The second thing to look for in each video is this:

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The video must not have a link in the description pointing to a blogpost or website for viewers to read the content in the video.

We want a video where the owners just share what’s on his/her mind. There are countless video that meet that criteria on YouTube because most people can’t go through the work of shooting a video then transcribing the content again, better still, some channels don’t even have a blog or website.

All of that is advantage to you. Simply look for video on your topic, make sure the video has good rating, and there is no link in the video description pointing to a transcribed version of the video.

And you are good to go.


I usually download the video and watch it from beginning to the end. Because most of the topics I write about are very new to me, watching the video for the first time will be an introduction.

Then I will watch again but this time I will take note of the specific parts of the video and the time each parts begins.

I hope you understand that.

In the video I downloaded on how to read and understand, the content can go like why you need to read and understand, the steps on how to read and understand and so on.

Your work is to take note of those different parts in the video.

Then you re-arrange those parts as you wish.

For example:

If the first part in the video is why you need to read and understand and the next par is three steps to read and understand. Making four different parts altogether.

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What I will do is start transcribing each sentence of the second step in the video and occasionally adding my own take where I can and telling the readers that I will share the reasons why they need to read understand after so and so parts.

You understand the logic?

Just don’t put everything in the video directly, you swap the arrangement of the content, re-word most sentences and play along.

A 5-8 minute video will be more than enough for 1000 words article. So your work is minimal however, I must admit that transcribing for the first time can be hard, after the first few videos you will be used to it.

Bonus Tips:

  1. Minimize your MS word page and the video player for you to be able to switch while you pause and write.
  • Use earpiece or headphone while you write.

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