Best Video Editing Software To Start YouTube Career

One of the most important steps in video production is editing!

This is when you cut recording errors, insert precise transitions between scenes, create animation effects and add background music. 

To stand out on YouTube, it’s essential that you post videos with good edits that impress your audience and make the experience of watching your content more enjoyable. 

So, to help you, we have separated 5 editing software tips for you to start sending as well as YouTuber

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Windows Story Remix

The Story Remix was released to take the place of software free image editing and videos from Microsoft left by classic Movie Maker

Through a modern and intuitive interface, it is possible to cut parts of the recording and insert images and soundtrack, for example. 

It does not have as many features as a paid option, but it is already a good alternative for YouTubers at the beginning of their career who want to make their first editions!

Hitfilm Express

The software has features that bring you closer to a professional editing program, such as 2D and 3D visual effects and the possibility to correct colours and sounds. 

You don’t have to pay financially to use HitFilmdevelopers only require that the user register on the platform’s website and share the download link on a social network.

Adobe Premiere

Première is one of the most used editing software on the market. 

To use it, you must purchase the license and pay the monthly fee for the Adobe package. 

The interface has a very professional look, creating a workflow where it is possible to manage a series of tabs with different functionalities. 

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The software works well for both simple editings at home and for finishing entire feature films!

Due to its wide employability in the job market – in advertising agencies and production companies, for example, -, learning to use Première is an important requirement for publishers. 

In addition, the software works in tune with other Adobe programs, such as Audition – for audio treatment – and After Effects – for modelling special effects and animation -, providing a more complete and professional edition.

Vegas Pro

The product, launched by Sony and later acquired by MAGIX, is an alternative to compete in the market with Première, being also very present in creative agencies and production companies, for example. 

The usability of the software also requires more refined editing knowledge, with a series of transitions, text resources, video effects and functionalities to deal with sound and image.

Final Cut

The Final Cut is a software developed by Apple to work on the brand. 

There are industry professionals who prefer to work with Macbooks and iMacs, as the company promises optimized settings for video editing. 

The program offers advanced functionality and also requires more accurate knowledge to take advantage of all its resources.

All of the software listed above offers good options for editing videos

It is up to YouTuber to choose the ones that best suit your preferences and your budget. 

It is possible to start using the most basic version of a free program and evolve in studies until you can use the most advanced features of paid software

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