What Is IT Consulting

Do you have any doubts about the role of IT consulting?

Does work go far beyond solving the daily IT problems of your employees?

Before we dive into the details, know this…

IT consultant can help you in three stages:

Setting up the IT structure in your organization… that is one.

Establishing IT processes, two, and guide you on how to invest in new technologies.

All of that will aid the growth of your organization. 

This post will explain what IT consulting is and how it can help in the development of any organization.

What Is The Role Of an IT Consultant?

Let me rephrase the question into an open one…

What do you expect the moment you hire a consultant?

Regardless of which area of ​​your organization will receive the consultancy. 

The simple answer is this:

A consultant should be able to identify the weaknesses and strengths of that department.

And propose specific steps of actions that will strengthen such department in the organization.

In regards to the IT department…

The consultant can help as a support and guide in the planning stage.

Everything will depend on the needs of the organization.

You can also see consultancy as outsourcing. What do I mean?

When you have a strategic or highly vital development to take in your organization and..

You don’t have the skills and necessary tools to execute such development,

You can outsource the job to experts.

This is also consulting.

A company can hire consulting services to work on the implementation of specific projects. 

It will collaborate in decision-making, execution of actions, control of tasks, and monitoring of the professionals involved in the project.

IT consultancy is usually an excellent option For SMEs because it provides qualified professionals for their needs. 

The IT consultant will work on activities such as:

  • Detection of abnormalities
  • Process deficiencies
  • Prevention of failures in the company’s security resources
  • Identify opportunities to improve the department’s performance
  • Construction of project planning
  • Hiring professionals to work in certain activities
  • Test execution and documentation
  • Distribution of the final product
  • Continuous improvements to projects

How does IT consulting help avoid problems in an organization?

It is essential to plan and monitor the activities in the IT department.

This will make it easier to develop preventive actions. 

And further, enhance the security of the department and the organization.

Most organizations store essential data and files on their network.

That is a reason to monitor the activities going on in the IT department.

When you can monitor, you can prevent any future problems that might occur.

IT consultancy can help your organization in that regard.

Another thing that a consultant will bring to your organization is innovation.

An IT consulting firm will only specialize in IT and nothing more.

Such a firm will bring solutions and insights that your IT team may miss or not know. 

It is also a quick way to get inputs from highly experienced professionals.

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These are the professionals that you cannot hire to work directly in your organization due to financial conditions.

IT consulting can save your company a lot of problems. And these problems are the types that can stop the business of any modern organization.

The following are a few of the problems that IT consulting can solve.

Preventing Your Network From Virus

One of the main problems that all organizations deal with is a virus.

And a common way of getting infected is through malicious software, and in most cases, most people can’t tell if a software is malicious or not.

Virus and malware can hijack data, execute commands without user authorization, display advertisements, among other things.

It is the role of the IT consultant to assess the most suitable antivirus option for the organization’s needs. 

The consultant will do the installation of the antivirus.

And if you already have antivirus running on your computers, the consultant can change it to the better one.

Antivirus will perform a routine scan on each computer. It is the work of the consultant to conduct a periodic check too. 

The most consultancy firm will do this check at least once every month.

This will ensure all threats are dealt with quickly.

Migrating your data to the cloud

Setup and maintaining server center requires money, enough resources and times

And in the case of small and medium organizations, it is practically impossible to work on this model due to the additional workload and financial power required.

Cloud computing is a good alternative that makes the whole process simple and cheap.

You will simply employ the data center of a company that specializes in cloud computing.

The most common examples of such companies are from GoogleAmazon, and Microsoft.

Using the cloud will enhance the security of your organization’s data and information, and you can access them anytime and anywhere.

You will only pay for the space that your organization uses. So the payment is according to the demand.

This action significantly reduces the risk of losing any data because they transfer automatically to the organization’s cloud account.

The entire development of the project can be carried out by an IT consultancy firm you trust. 

The firm will choose the most cost-effective cloud service, migrate the files, and educate the organization’s IT team about the new storage system.

Installing a Firewall on your network

Another factor that will strengthen your organization’s security is the Firewall.

This feature acts as a barrier between your organization’s computers and the internet. 

It only allows traffic of authorized information on your network.

Its installation requires precaution and must be carried out by an experienced technician. 

This feature can make all the difference in your business. 

It will reduce the risk of intrusion or even data fraud.

Establishing a backup routine

Regardless of the choice of your company, whether to use its server or in the cloud, a backup routine must be established to ensure the integrity of your information history.

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Imagine the case of a communication agency, which produces several arts for its clients per day. 

If she does not periodically back up her files and her storage system has a problem, she may lose all or part of everything that has already been created.

In situations like this, redoing the work can be even more costly. 

In partnership with your consultancy, define the habit of performing daily backups or according to the needs of your business.

Strengthening your passwords

A company depends on many passwords for its operation: systemsbankssocial networksintranet, and so on, the list goes on.

Decorating different passwords for each role is a challenge. 

As a consequence, we end up storing them automatically or using the same password on different sites and systems.

Also, we do not develop the habit of changing our logins periodically. 

All of these factors give rise to the action of various types of viruses.

The work of a consultancy will be of great use in strengthening the organization’s passwords

It can also encourage users to change them every three months, as recommended by best IT practices.

Another recommended action is the installation of a password manager. 

This program randomly creates secure passwords, storing them in a single account for the company. 

It is worth investing in this action!

Save Time with IT consulting

Among the 15 million SMEs registered in Brazil, more than 60% do not have an IT area

Generally, companies end up opting for unprofessional solutions or even try to solve problems on their own.

These factors cause loss of Time and, consequently, money. 

After all, there are countless cases of users who, when trying to solve a problem, about which they did not have enough knowledge, ended up worsening the situation.

To avoid situations like this, IT consulting is very important. See how it can help your company save more Time.

Be free to dedicate yourself to your Core Business

IT problems not only make it impossible for people to perform their daily activities, but it also causes them to waste Time trying to solve them.

A doctor must dedicate himself to serving his patients, as well as an advertising agency, to develop the right communication actions for his clients and a fast-food franchise to offer quick meals.

IT tasks should not take the focus away from core business activities. 

For this reason, it is so important to have an IT consultancy, dedicated to your technology area.

IT consulting ensures faster solutions

As mentioned above, a simple problem can end up taking on much higher proportions when it is “solved” by someone who does not have the necessary knowledge.

It is essential to look for a professional who is capable, certified, and has experience working with computers. 


An IT specialist will take less Time to find the causes and solve your technology problems.

Hire the services of a consultancy that has qualified professionals. 

This way, you can rest assured, without having to worry about one more task, among so many others that are already on your daily to-do list.

Tailored projects and versatility

Another point that makes consultancies so attractive is the possibility of doing tailor-made projects for your company. 

When you hire them, they can only perform a specific part of your operation.

Working with a third-party partner also facilitates testing and implementing changes to the IT structure. 

Internally, these actions would require more Time and money.

It is essential to reinforce the importance of defining the metrics that will measure the results of the consultancy. 

Some of them are Time spent on appointmentsthe number of arrangements made, and preventive actions are taken.

Take the opportunity to reflect on these points and evaluate which ones make sense for your business. 

With more flexible options that adapt to the needs of your company, using the services of an IT consultancy can make all the difference and help to optimize your team’s time.

The benefits of IT consulting

Taking all of these factors into account, IT consulting can indeed help increase business earnings. 

This is done through actions such as:

  • Savings in hiring;
  • Prevention of technology problems;
  • Greater autonomy in the technology area;
  • Agility in solving IT problems.

IT consulting needs to show results

A reliable IT consultancy is sure to help reduce your company’s IT problems and make it more secure. 

By investing in preventive actions, you can minimize the risk of problems for your business.

Even if you have an internal IT team, it is worth discussing whether these actions are already being developed. 

If not, organize a plan to implement them.

The differences between IT consulting and IT Technical Support

While consulting has a much more strategic role in a company’s activities, IT technical support is responsible for “getting your hands dirty.” 

It is he who will take care of the execution of IT operational tasks for the specific company or project.

IT technical support must prioritize momentary technical issues, such as a drop in internet connection, for example. 

In short, IT technical support is triggered whenever a problem arises.

But, it is not because this is a non-strategic area that it should be put aside. 

IT technical support is of paramount importance for companies.

Imagine if your computer suddenly breaks down and you don’t have a good technician to serve you? 

Therefore, when hiring an IT technical support, it is necessary to choose experienced and reliable professionals.

IT consulting and IT Technical Support working together

Now that the role of each of these specialties has been clarified let’s move on to the next point. 

Do you realize how IT consulting and technical support are dependent?

While one takes care of the strategy, the other is responsible for the operation

In a common scenario, the consultancy can assume the planning and demand for activities, while the technical support is ahead of the execution. 

Cooperation between both is essential for the company’s IT area to function at 100% of its capacity.

However, if your business still has a lean budget, prioritize IT technical support. 

This is not the most suitable method to promote innovation within a company. 

However, it is the most effective way to solve IT problems that arise.

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