What Is The Best Operating System

A constant question among users is which the best operating system for their business is. 

We’re sure you’ve probably wondered about that already.

Buying a new computer is a decision that can take time. There are countless different models and devices available on the market.

At that time, hundreds of doubts arise, mainly for users who are not experts in the subject.

Buy a desktop or notebook? Invest in a bigger or smaller screen? 

How much memory will be enough? And the HD space, what should it be?

It is necessary to consider several variables to make the correct choice. 

Among them, what is the best operating system for your needs?

Know the differences between the main options available in the market. Understand what the best operating system is for you and make your choice.

What is the role of the operating system?

The operating system is the foundation of the computer. 

It is through it that all the functions of the device are performed.

It is the system that determines, for example, the ability to execute the hardware, to perform a certain task.

In addition, he is responsible for controlling the user experience, ensuring that he uses the equipment without problems. 

Everything that runs on a computer goes through the operating system.

What is the best operating system?

You will most likely be familiar with the most popular operating system alternatives on the market. Before we know which the best operating system is, let’s name them:

  • Windows: Produced by Microsoft, the latest version of which is Windows 10. It is the most popular among desktops and notebooks;
  • macOS: Found only and exclusively in equipment produced by Apple, which also develops the system;
  • Linux:  Because it is free software, it does not have an official producer. This platform is completely open and customizable.

It is important to emphasize that the task of defining which is the best operating system, for the computers of your team, will demand a study on the needs of the company

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Always keep that in mind.

You will need to take into account expectations with the equipment and the execution of the programs

Some applications, for example, are available for only one system, while others can be multiplatform.

After all, what is the most used operating system in the world?

According to data from digital statistics firm StatCounter, Windows is the absolute leader among Desktops users. 

Microsoft’s operating system dominates 82.68% of that market.

How do I choose the best operating system for my company?

Most commercialized PCs already come with a pre-installed, licensed and ready-to-use system. 

An Apple MacBook will come with macOS, while a Dell computer usually comes with Microsoft Windows.

Since the operating system is the heart of your computer, it is very important to know what you are buying.

It is the user’s responsibility to research and find out as much as possible, to find the best operating system. 

Studying the options is an important step to define, which is the most suitable for your business.

This way, he will be able to take advantage of all the resources that the operating system has to offer, making his investment worthwhile.

Remember: the best operating system for your company is one that meets your needs. That is why it is so important to evaluate the whole scenario of your business. 

If you have any difficulties with this, ask for the support of computer technical support.

Equipment intended for corporate purposes requires more advanced configurations. 

The computer in question should be able to work with large volumes of data, spreadsheets, texts, files and activities simultaneously.

There will also be a need for more complex and effective security features to prevent hackers and virus attacks.

If your chosen operating system has a business version, it is recommended that you choose it. 

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This alternative is sure to add advanced features that will help protect your company.

Ah, as popular opinion is also very important, we asked what is the favourite operating system of our followers there on our Fanpage.

Windows: Users’ darling

As we’ve seen, it’s no secret that Windows is by far the most widely used operating system in the world. 

That’s because most computers sold come with it installed directly from the factory. 

But does that make Windows the best operating system for your company? It is necessary to evaluate carefully.

It had its first version released in 1985. So far, it has had 13 different updates. The most current of these is Windows 10.

Microsoft offers different program options, according to the needs of different audiences. 

The Home version is suitable for home appliances, while Professional and Enterprise are the best choices for companies.

To use it, you need a commercial license, which usually comes with the device. 

Otherwise, it will be necessary to purchase a new license, through the official website of the company or authorized reseller.

It is also possible to hire only Office suite applications, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, through Microsoft’s cloud service, Office 365.

For whom it is the best operating system

Home users and businesses.


Because it is used by most users, as it has a wide range of applications available.

Windows can be configured on computers from different manufacturers – including Apple, but this is not recommended – and has great compatibility with most peripheral hardware.


In the case of graphic applications, its interface varies between intermediate and advanced. In addition, it falls short in some areas of security.


macOS X: Sophistication and security

macOS High Sierra 10.13 is the latest version of the operating system developed by Apple, known worldwide for producing high-end devices.

However, its history began in 1984, when it was still called System, and later, macOS.

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It was the first system to use icons that corresponded to the programs and folders of computers.

The system update can be easily obtained from the Apple website. It is available for equipment that works with OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 and later.

For whom it is the best operating system

Users and professionals who use image and video editing software.


Of all the systems used, it has the simplest interface. Therefore, it is the best operating system for novice users.

Another strong point is its potential to run graphic software – Photoshop, Illustrator, among others – being popular, mainly, among Graphic Designers.

Despite having lost some space to Linux, in recent times, it is still the leader among these professionals.


Unlike Windows, which can be used on computers from different distributors, macOS runs only on equipment from its manufacturer, Apple. 

In addition, its compatibility with peripheral hardware is limited.

Linux: Made for everyone

Inspired by the name of its creator, Linus Torvalds, a Finnish programmer, Linux is a completely free and adaptable operating system.

Its source code has a GPL license, giving freedom for anyone to download and customize it as they prefer. Its official launch took place in 1991.

Linux is a very mature and easy to use operating system for home users, although it is not as popular, as its other two competitors, at home.

Because it is an open platform, it is widely used by developers, programmers and companies serving as the basis for customized operating systems.

Google, for example, used Linux as a framework for its operating systems. 

Both Android and Chrome OS are developed based on this technology. 

Android has even become the most popular operating system in the mobile segment.

For whom it is the best operating system

Developers and Programmers.


It is an open, free and ideal platform for building customized operating systems.


For home users, it is not the best operating system. Linux does not have many resources, is indicated only for surfing the internet and working with text editing.

Like macOS, its compatibility with peripheral hardware is limited as well. 

In addition, it does not run some popular applications like iTunes or Photoshop.

What Is The Best Operating System

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