What Is VoIP Telephony

Among the many responsibilities of an IT team or consultancy, is also taking care of the entire telephony structure of organizations. 

In the past, the Telecom area was its own department, but nowadays it has merged with IT, becoming a single structure.

The two telephone system options most used by companies are PABX –

In which one or more lines of the company’s preferred operator are connected to a device, which divides them into several extensions –

And VoIP, short for English Voice Over Internet Protocol – Voice over Internet Protocol, in free translation –

In this case, calls are made through the Internet or any other computer network.

VoIP is a much more affordable option, compared to PABX, since it does not charge the user for impulses, like conventional lines.

To use this technology, invest in a good internet connection, which will guarantee unlimited calls to the organization. Below is valuable information about this telephony option.

A VoIP Technology

The first VoIP call was made by VocalTec Communications Inc., a small Israeli company, which developed a product called the Internet Phone, allowing users to call each other through a computer.

Of course, in addition to having a stable and quality internet connection, the user must define how he will make his calls. 

There are three common solutions for this.

It is possible to choose an already adapted telephone set, with a network card, just like computers. 

If you choose to use a conventional device, you will need to use an adapter called ATA – Analog Telephone Adapter – which converts the device’s analogue signal into data to be transmitted over the Internet.

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There is also the probability of using a VoIP program by the computer itself, known as “SoftPhone”, a common example is X-lite, which is also free.

It is very important to highlight that it is not necessary to have a conventional telephone line to use VoIP. If your company chooses to use this modality, you only need an internet link.

There are many alternatives for VOIP services on the market, including from major operators, such as GVT. Due to its greater structure, its quality is significantly superior to the majority. Therefore, they end up being the most suitable option.

How a VoIP call works

First, through your phone or headset, if connected by the computer, before starting the call the user will hear a dial tone – the famous “line”, as in traditional phones – indicating that he is able to dial the recipient’s number. 

The digits are stored by the chosen software.

Then a Gateway plays the role of comparing the saved digits, locating those that already have some call history or searching the web for the Gateway corresponding to a new phone.

The Gateway can be defined as a function that acts to identify information. 

When data is not located within a specific network, it then propagates that information to locate it on the Internet.

To establish the connection, the VoIP program uses several commands and protocols, which nowadays work in a totally transparent way with the user and, basically, connect him with the person at the other end.

Within the concept of VoIP, your voice is carried through the internet network and not through the network of the telephone operator, and therefore has no cost beyond what the company already pays for the internet link.

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But if the person at the other end is not connected via VoIP, on the Internet, but on a traditional phone (landline or mobile), the call will be taken over the Internet to the Gateway closest to the destination, soon that call will go out over the network telephone, at the cost of local call.

This means that, in the worst case, the cost of long-distance pulses is eliminated, making calls to conventional phone numbers always the lowest possible cost.

VoIP connection through applications (WhatsApp, Viber, Skype)

In this case, applications of the type make use of the Peer to Peer (P2P) protocol – in free translation, Point to Point – which works by creating a node between the source and destination devices, transforming the voice into digital data to make the transmission.

When using an application such as WhatsApp, for example, the call has zero cost, this is because the program uses only the Internet, without intermediaries, making a direct call from one application to another.

In the case of calls using the VoIP system, either through a telephone or a computer with a Softphone, it is necessary to hire an operator specialized in this service to be able to complete the calls.

Advantages and disadvantages of VoIP

As described above, the main advantage of VoIP telephony is that it runs entirely via the web, but in addition, there are many other gains when choosing this service.

As it does not require the implementation of a physical network since it uses the structure of the Internet itself,

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It guarantees companies greater flexibility in relocating its structure, in addition to having a low cost of installation and maintenance.

It is also possible to make calls from extension to extension without restriction in location. For example: If the organization’s headquarters are located in São Paulo / SP, and it has a branch in Rio de Janeiro / RJ, both points can communicate without cost.

Among the negative aspects, we can highlight that, since VoIP uses the web in its process, if there is a problem or a drop in the internet network, the quality of the calls will be impaired, and it may even leave the service down until the link is re-established properly.

This is a disadvantage in relation to traditional telephone lines, which allow the company to have more than one voice link, preventing it from running out of communication if any of them stops working. 

However, a manager can evaluate the possibility of investing in more than one internet link, to avoid this problem in the VoIP service as well.

According to the senior telecommunications analyst, Joelson dos Santos” I believe that VoIP service is indicated in all cases, for large or small companies that need to save on infrastructure and save on the cost of calls “. 

How about evaluating this possibility?

What Is VoIP Telephony

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