WmiPrvSE exe WMI Provider Host (BEST) FIX

WmiPrvSE exe WMI provider host is Windows Management Instrumentation Provider Service. It is an important service in Windows 10/8/7 and it would be difficult to manage apps without it.

However, it can use a lot of CPU and as a result slow down your computer.

Some user complain that it uses between 10 – 20 percent of the processor while other confirmed that it can be up to 50 percent in their case.

WmiPrvSE exe WMI provider host can be difficult to fix.

On this page, we will talk about how to fix WmiPrvSE exe WMI provider host for Windows 10/8/7.

There are many ways to fix this issue and you might have tried some many.

But the one you are about to read here works all the time.

I am going to begin with the most common solution to fix WmiPrvSE exe WMI provider host.

And here it is:

Restart Windows Management Instrumentation

Please know that this step will work but it is a temporary solution. Meaning that the solution will last until you restart your computer.

So how do you do that?

Go in to your system’s task manager.

WmiPrvSE exe WMI Provider Host

Right-click on your task bar and click on Task Manager. Click on the Services tab and scroll down to locate Windows Management Instrumentation.

Right click on Windows Management Instrumentation and restart.

This simple step will fix the problem temporarily.

Now let’s dive into the permanent procedures.

Locate The ClientProcess ID In the Taskbar

Press the Windows Key and X Key together, then click on the Event Viewer option.

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You have to wait a little bit for it to load.

WmiPrvSE exe WMI Provider Host

Click on the arrow before Application and Services logs, then click Microsoft followed by Windows. Scroll down and click on WMI Activity  to open its contents below it.

And you will see Debug, Operational and Trace. Click on Operational.

And on the main page, you are going to see some errors. Click on the first error.

WmiPrvSE exe WMI Provider Host

Now on that page, take note of the ClientProcessedId number here (the part circled in the image above). Please note that it will be different in your case.


Now you locate the number in the Services section on the Task Manager. The number will be under the PID column.

You will be able to locate the application/software using the number. And probably uninstall or repair the application.

Should in case you don’t see the number in the Task Manager. Don’t feel bad, you will find the number using Command prompt and I will share the steps next.

Open Command Prompt by pressing Windows Key and R Key together.

Then type tasklist in the command prompt and hit enter.

For some reason, you will find a lot more of the PID numbers.

You will definitely find the number. And modify the exe file causing the problem.

If you have any problem locating the software, just search for the name before the exe, search for it on your Start screen and the associated software should come up.

And that’s it, the detailed guide on how to fix WmiPrvSE exe WMI provider host

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